How to Install Rigid Industries Fog Lights

Hey, guys! John here on Today,
I want to show you how to install the Rigid Industries LED fog light set on this 2014
GMC Sierra Denali. Now that we’ve got everything out of the box,
you guys can see here that it comes with everything we need to get these installed onto the truck.
It comes with your brackets and your mounting hardware, your switch, your wiring harness,
along with relay and fuse. And of course, your lights with the plugs on the ends of
the wires. So there you have it. Let’s get these on the truck. Okay, guys, we’re ready to start putting our
fog light into our truck. But the first thing we need to do is get the factory ones out.
And the way we’re gonna do that is we’re gonna simply unplug the wire from the back of our
factory fog light and then we’re going to remove the fog light from the truck. And that’s
just a matter of unclipping it and pushing it, pushing the bezel out of the front here.
And you can see here how that comes out. It’s really pretty simple. And I’ll show you when
I get this out of here exactly what you need to do to get this off the truck. Okay, guys, you can see here this is really
not that difficult to get off. You see the slots here in the housing and these clips
just clip into those slots. So from the back side, all you have to do is press down on
that little, on this little tab right here and pull out from the outside on this bezel.
And just do that on this four spots and then this bezel will come right off and that will
give us access to our fog light to get it out of there. Alright. As you guys can see, it’s not that
hard to get these out. Then we’re gonna use our plate for the pattern and we’re gonna
do some marking and we’re gonna have to do a little bit of work with the Dremel here
to get this so that we can attach our new fog lights into the truck. So let’s get all
that done. Alright, guys. So what we’re gonna do is we’ve
got our light out of here. Next thing we need to do is we need to take a Dremel or something
similar to a Dremel. What we have is we have an air die grinder and we’re gonna cut this
inner section outta here and that will allow our mounting hardware and our new light to
actually fit back in there. Alright, now that we’ve got this cut out and the space opened
up where our new light’s gonna sit in there, the next thing we wanna do is take our bezel
and hold it up in here where it’s gonna go. And then we’re gonna mark the holes in it
because we’re gonna have to drill a few screw holes, a few holes to put some bolts in here
to hold this all together. Alright, we’ve got our spots marked for our
holes. So now let’s go ahead and drill these. Okay, now we’re ready to start putting our
light in here. Alright, guys, we’ve got everything set up here ready to put our new Rigid fog
light into our truck. One of the things that we’ve done here, now you can do this one of
two things. What we’ve done so that we can use our factory installed harness and our
factory switch for our fog lights on this truck is we’ve taken our factory wiring and
we’ve cut the end off of it that plugs in to your to your factory fog light. Now what
we’re gonna do is you can see here that your new rigid lights come with this wiring kit.
You can use this if you wanna wire them up separate. What we’ve done is we’ve taken this harness
that comes with it and these plugs here are the plugs that plug in to your wire on your
new rigid fog lights. We’ve actually cut out that connector off and we’re going to attach
this to our factory wiring harness so that a way we can plug our lights right into our
factory harness using the plug that comes with our rigid lights and that will allow
us to be able to still use our factory switch on our headlight switch for turning these
fog lights off and on. So I’m gonna go ahead and finish wiring this up and then we’re gonna
start putting that light in here. Now that we’ve got our plate in place, we’ve
got our fog light installed. The next thing we need to do is to go ahead and plug it in
to our factory harness and once we have it plugged in then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
take and find a nice comfortable spot up underneath here for this and zip strip it up in there,
out of the way. And that’ll complete the installation for this side. The other side, we do exactly
the same way. So we’re gonna jump over there and do that one and we’ll come back and we’ll
show you guys how it looks all done. Okay, guys, there you have it. That’s how
quick, simple and easy it is to install these Rigid Industries LED fog lights on to your
truck. So remember: until next time, happy motoring.

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