How To Install Solar Garden Lighting – DIY At Bunnings

I’ll be showing you how to install garden
lighting. For this particular project, I’ll be using solar powered lighting. And solar
powered lighting is a great idea as it saves electricity and it’s very easy to install.
For the purpose of this, I’m going to be placing them along my path for safety reasons and
to make the path stand out at night. They’re all pretty much the same. Just make sure you
refer to your instructions as some of them have this little orange tags which you have
to remove before the battery will start recharging from the power of the sun. I’m now going to show you to assemble one
of this solar lights. The first step will be to remove the lid and undo the tag which
is stopping the battery from recharging. The next step, would be to get the support and
attach it to the head. Once that’s in place, the final step is to attach the stake which
will allow us to secure it to the ground. After you’ve assembled your solar light, the
next part will be to place them in the ground. When choosing a position, make sure you’re
placing them in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight as this will allow for longer and
brighter illumination at night. Make sure the soil is night and soft, and you push them
in hard enough so that they’re secure. Now I will assemble the rest of my lights
and put them in the ground. Now that I’ve place my final solar light along my path,
it’s now time to go along and remove the stickers from the solar panel to allow the sun to charge
the battery. Another fun way to light your garden is to use these butterfly lights. It
the same deal as the solar panels. You simply place the butterfly on top of the light here.
Attach the stake. There’s a little switch at the bottom, you simply flick that to on
so the battery will start charging the sun. Like before, remove the sticker and now it’s
ready to be placed in front of a path or in a pot plant. Garden light are a great way
to illuminate path in your front yard and backyard, and really make your garden stand
out. And that’s how you install garden lighting.

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