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hi everyone walking to this episode of TechSmith Tips today we’re going to show you how to pull off the green screen effect on a low budget using Camtasia as you can see we have a basic green
screen cloth set up back here now this is a green
screen cloth we just got off the internet umm a simple Google search you should
be able to find plenty of options for that over here we have our lights. So
these are just basic clamp lights you can get from home depot. They run for just about $10. for the bulbs we are using a
fluorescent color bulb. So as you can see it’s a pretty
white, bright light. And we have three of them here. Over on
this side we have the same thing going so couple things to keep in mind. First, try
to make sure have no wrinkles on your screen as well no shadows. So when you light your green screen you wanna make sure you late as evenly
as possible As you can see here is not really hot
spots or any shadows creeping onto the green The more even color green you can get throughout the whole green screen is gonna make it a lot easier
post when you are editing in Camtasia. So up front here
we’ve few more lights and we are using tungsten bulbs. so the same clamp light which has a
little bit diffusion gel. On the front. And the diffusion gel pretty much just takes off the harshness of the light, so you are not kind of blinded. So basically you could use just a shower curtain or something simple like that. But it is a
yellower or oranger tone of light and helps bring up the skin
tones as well. So we are using two of those up front. in the have a fluorescence we at six set up in the back. Some other things to think about is the clothes you are wearing. so the reason that this is green, is because it’s really the furthest away from skin tone the color that is, and also you wanna make sure that you wear nothing close this color green. That’s why they have the blue. So on
the other side of the screen is a blue screen so that’s pretty much the only
difference between the two, but it really doesn’t matter another thing to think about is how far
away the you stand from the green screen so right now are we have a mark on
around here so it’s a really about two to three feet away we also have our
overhead lights turned on just add a little more light. Ideally you want to have a little more
controlled environment. No windows in the room having bigger, brighter lights really
helps but for small budget you can really pull off a good look that Camtasia will be able to help you out with. Thank you for watching and taking the
time. On our next video, we are going to show you how to take this footage into Camtasia and pull off the Remove a Color effect. Thanks for watching check out more TechSmith Tips videos on our web site, thanks.

13 thoughts on “How to Light a Green Screen on a Budget – TechSmith Tips

  1. This didn't help me out at all…. I want to know how to put people from a green screen onto a video clip of some sort just like Shia LaBeouf…. How does everybody manage to put him into all sorts of video clips…. Thats what I want to know…. Thanks for not helping…  Mr. NO HELP…

  2. WOW! A lot of haters! I found it interesting and, given the title of the video, I think ryanw1401's comment is particularly harsh…Anyway, I have a question…You use CFL bulbs with a combination of Soft and Daylight. Will LED work as well, or would the strobe effect screw up the video?

  3. I have a real issue with my green screen that I can't seem to figure out. I every time a person stands in front of on camera their skin goes very red. I have tried varying the intensity if the lighting but so far I have been unable to stop this from happening.

  4. what would happen if i add an additional difussion gel on the clamp light? would i get more difussion?

  5. unless you show us the chroma key using a chroma key software, you can't say it is evenly lighted up… Human eye cant really say if its perfectly lgihted up or not! Keying this without checking first will cause problems.

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