How to Light Your Home Exterior : Highlights in Exterior Home Lighting

My name is Brent Shelly with Expert Village
and we are talking about lighting design today. Flood lighting typically creates a more flatter
effect lighting effect. Like I have talked about earlier if you have a fixture up close
to the building. If you are close to the feature or close to the wall and grazing it then you
are going to get more shadow and more dimension. If you are further back from the feature or
further back from the wall and you light it from a distance it is going to be a flatter
effect. Both of those work in conjunction with one another and you need to know when
to apply each of those different techniques. Depending on the application. If you have
any strong architectural features on your building you would probably want to light
those and feature those. You can do this with spot lights or flood lights depending on the
size of the feature. Just step back at the street, look at your house and think what
is that I would want to see? What is it that I want to highlight? How can I show this building

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