How to Make an Epoxy Resin River Table With 3D Fish Stickers – NO Painting and NO Sanding! DIY

To make this table I found a wooden cutting board that was the perfect size. Mark a line length ways down the centre I used a jigsaw to cut the table top in half. I cut slowly with a Bosch T308B blade for a clean cut. Apply shiny parcel tape along the centre of a suitable base. I’m using white faced hardboard. Temporarily mask the cut edges of the timber with masking tape, then secure them down with double-sided tape. Mask the base along the full length of each piece of timber Decant some general purpose silicone into a syringe Apply a thin bead of silicone between the timber and the base to create a seal The idea is to prevent any leakage of the resin Use a ball ended tool to smooth the silicone into the corner, and remove any excess You can then remove the tape and wait overnight for the silicone to cure Create a dam for the ends using a piece of foam core board covered with more parcel tape Stick it into place using double-sided tape, then seal all around it with hot melt glue The dam must be the same height as the timber, no taller or the resin will form a raised edge For this project I’m using my usual epoxy art resin, which has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight The first pour used 150g of resin, the four middle layers each used 75g, and the top layer used 150g for a total of 600g Pour half the resin, then add some pre-washed white gravel. The fish stickers do look best against a white background. Spread the gravel evenly, adding a little more at a time until there are no gaps This gravel will release tiny bubbles as it soaks up the resin, so don’t be tempted to pour too much resin at once Pour any remaining resin then use a lighter flame to quickly pop any surface bubbles. You may need to come back after 20 minutes and do that again. Take a small paintbrush, and use the resin to coat the remaining exposed sides of the timber to seal it I bought these ‘lucky’ Chinese fortune coins off eBay, and scattered a few on the bottom… However I won’t get my hopes up for winning the Lotto tonight I let each of these layers cure for 24 hours before pouring the next This was a plain layer of resin to provide a bit more depth before adding any fish Get them bubbles Get them GET THEM ALL Search eBay, Amazon or Ali Express for ‘resin fish stickers’ and you’ll find these The best way to apply these is to put down a bit of resin first, then add the sticker to the resin Trust me, I’ve done so many of these I’m an expert If you want to see this process in more detail, then please check out my ‘fighting fish coaster’ video And if you’re translating these subtitles into Portuguese that’s ‘drinks mat’ not ‘rollercoaster’ XD Google translate… :/ Notice how I’m putting the remaining stickers next to the relevant ones in the resin so I can remember which is which… I’m not just a pretty face 🙂 You might see it in that reflection if you look carefully XD Add a bit of greenery on each layer Make sure all the stickers get covered with resin GET THE BUBBLES This time apply the next sticker in sequence directly over the first They are arranged in order on the sheets. Top to bottom or left to right. Get them. Get them. GET THEM. GET THEM ALL! I can’t even remember which layer this is. Hardly anyone reads the subtitles anyway. Takes me an hour to put these on you know. Ooops messed that one up, time for a jump-cut YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO I think this is actually the last layer – finally. It feels like I’ve been filming this all week. Oh wait… I have :/ That fish on the far left looks like he’s about to jump Can’t say I blame him KILL THE BUBBLES Hooray, it’s cured 😀 Remove the end pieces first, then detach carefully from the base If there is any seepage of the resin, you can tidy it up with a light sanding I chose some hairpin legs – link in the description Mark the position of each leg, then drill pilot holes Perfect 🙂 Thank you for joining me for another project, see you again soon 🙂 [Alexa] Finally… [Alexa] Something decent for me to sit on [Alexa] Oh no… [Alexa] One of them jumped out

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  1. This video is closed captioned. Please turn on your subtitles to view tutorial text.

  2. Pretty, talented, and funny…you're the whole package. 😊 lol
    Great idea, and great job..thanks again for a wonderful video

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  4. The subtitles are aMAZING
    Those of you who keep them off, you’re missing out!!!!!

  5. Hello, this table is very beautiful congratulations to you, I can not find the stickers you used, can you tell me or get them?

  6. Kill the bubbles. There are plenty of us who read them and appreciate the effort it takes. Keep up the great work

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  8. Thanks for posting this video, I've seen those stickers on aliexpress but I didn't understand how a sticker was going to look 3d. I get it now thanks.

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  13. So do you leave the white board under the whole thing to hold it together ?or remove it and just have the resin floating between the 2 bits of wood ??? if so what stops it falling apart ????

  14. Very beautiful, please let know why burn the layer before next layer, tkx

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  16. Круто. Жаль только что этот столик развалиться очень быстро по месту стыка дерева и эпоксидки. Нужно снизу основу проложить было для связки.

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  27. It doesn't looks 3D because the biggest sticker is place on the top of the small one, so the effect of 3D of the fish not showing on the resin table. It's only looks like a big flat fish sticker floating on the resin. The order of the sticker should be change, the bigest is on the bottom and the small one on the top. So tge small sticker doesn't covered by the bigger one, and makes the fish looks 3D..

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    What a great table! You have done it again resinAce! Beautiful!
    As soon as I finish my five other projects, I'm going to try my hand at resin. You are a wonderful inspiration! Thanks so much, Pam

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