How To Make an Origami Flapping Bird – EASY step by step!

hey guys
in this video I’m gonna show you how to make an origami flapping bird like this
one here so all you’ll need is a square sheet of paper
I’m gonna to use origami paper or a piece of printer paper I have a link in
the description on how to make a square piece out of printer paper also I’m
gonna go at a slow pace and be as clear as possible but keep in mind if it is
too fast you can click pause and you could also on the bottom sidebar here
click on the gear icon and slow down the speed of the video with that being said
let’s get started what you’re going to want to do is fold
one corner down to the other making a diagonal fold increase now unfold and
fold the other corner down to this corner here and make a crease now unfold
now you’re going to want to flip it over and take one side and fold it over to
the other just like this lie in the corners and make a crease now unfold and
fold the top edge down to the bottom line the edges and make a crease now
unfold alright so now on the side that where you did the two folds this way
what you going to do is turn the paper diagonally like this and along these two
lines here you’re going to want to fold the paper and bring these two edges down
to the bottom just like this and then tuck these two in and as you kind of do
it you’ll see that all the creases will just kind of fall together you want to
press those down and then take this top part here and
just press it down along all the creases and then just kind of evenly crease
everything down like that so now you have this with four different flaps and
the paper most of the paper here on the bottom now what you’re going to want to
do is take this side edge here just the top one and fold this edge to the center
crease here aligning it and then once you have it aligned start from the
bottom and crease it upward like that now do the same thing on the other side
take this edge and fold it in to the center crease here align the edges
crease starting from the bottom and give it a nice good crease now flip it over
and do the same thing on the other side so take this edge I’ll line it to the
middle and give it a nice good crease do the same thing on the other side and give it a good crease now what
you’re going to do is leave these two fold it in flip it back over and fold
the other sides in along the creases that you already made and now it should
look like this now unfold these two here and what you’re gonna want to do is fold
this top kind of triangular part here down to crease right at the top of these
two creases here and align this center line just like that and unfold now
you’re gonna want to we’ll start with this side we’re going to be taking just
this top layer of paper and along this new crease right here that we just made
we’re going to fold it out holding this top triangle down fold this up creasing
it here and taking these two edges and fold them here into the middle and you
can start with the bottom piece here like that fold them in give them a good
crease and then work your way to the top and give it a good crease as well all right now once you have that we’re
going to want to flip it over and we’re going to unfold these two flaps here and
then this top crease here we already folded it the other way on the other
side now we’re going to want to reinforce this crease and fold it down
this way and give it a nice good crease making sure that the center line lines
up and now you match those two corners there and fold it up and now we’re gonna
do the same thing and take just the bottom top piece of paper here fold it
up along this crease here fold it up and kind of bring these two edges of the
paper in start kind of creasing it from the bottom and work your way up to the
top just like that now it should look like this and you
have the the two separate parts on the bottom now we’re gonna take you have
four kind of sections here you’re going to want to take one side here and fold
it over to the left so now that you have three on one side and just one on the
other and now flip it over and take the one that has the three and fold the top
flap over to side a house just the one so now it looks like this so basically
you’re taking it from from here and just folding everything the opposite way to
make it look like this now we’re going to start with the one side here we’re
going to want to bring this down just kind of gently pull and kind of let the
paper fold in and fold in kind of pinching it down there and you’re gonna
want to where you’re going to want to pinch and crease it you want these two
edges here to align so once you bring it down to those two edges of line and kind
of put it on the table here and give it a nice good
crease and now do the same thing on the other side pull this out push you know
push that part down and have it have it tuck and line up with this side like
that and now we’re going to want to pick one side and we’re gonna make the head
so you’re gonna want to pinch this open and kind of pick a spot and push it down
pinch the two tops parts together and crease it like that so now we’re going
to make their wings and we’re gonna fold these flaps up along the crease that
we’ve already made through the other folds so you want to fold that side up
and flip it over and fold this side up as well and now we’re gonna fold the
wings down and the trick is we’re gonna be folding it down from this corner here
right at this angle to where these two pieces of paper met meet I mean and I’ve
already drawn a line where we’re going to make the fold so we’ll go ahead and
fold that down and give it a good crease and I’ll flip it over and do it on the
other side and now you could either align it along those two corners that I
have outlined there or you can just fold it down and align it with the other wing
that we fold it down and give it a good crease and now the last thing we’re
gonna do is fold those kind of up and out of the way is take these two bottom
parts here we already have a crease here that I don’t have outlined but you can
kind of fold these out along those crease just a little bit on each side to
give the bird two little legs to be able to stand up on its own like that so now
with that being said the way to make it flat you can it
I found it it works better if you keep these up a little bit and pull on the
tail like that and it’ll flap now the trick is when it’s like this you don’t
want to pull this down that doesn’t make the flap you have to pull it out like
this so when you do that it flaps so with that being said I hope this
tutorial was helpful if it did help you make one please like and leave a comment
too if this was easy to make I want these to be as easy and clear as
possible and also feel free to leave a comment to on any other origami models
that you would like me to make I’ll be glad to make those tutorials so with
that being said thanks for watching and enjoy the next video

100 thoughts on “How To Make an Origami Flapping Bird – EASY step by step!

  1. I try to go at a slow pace, but keep in mind you can pause, or slow down the video speed in the settings.

    I hope you enjoy the video and please leave a comment with any feedback.

    Thanks for watching!

  2. I was ABSOLUTELY NOT EASY. You have a gift dude. Mine broke the second I pulled the tail. RIP CRANE.

  3. these are amazingly easy steps to making your grandparents happy this is their Christmas present

  4. I remember being in 1st (nd?) grade. Me and my classmates went to this highschool where some teens made us these origamis. They were looking WAY more bigger and better than this….I, of course, from pulling the tail too much, ripped it's wings and all. I was sad but meh. Still wanna make one.

  5. How did yours come out so perfectly!? All of my creases were uneven and when I finished, it looked like a pterodactyl on a mountain…

  6. Its so easy to follow and i make 2 of the flapping birds i Always wanted to make origami and now i can make it thanks for the toturail

  7. I tried pulling the tail gently but it didn't work so I figured out that you need to puff-out the bottom part of the wigs and then pull the tail gently. Then it will work

  8. This video is honestly amazinggggg! I am terrible at origami and have tried a million "just for beginners" and "step-by-step" origami videos but always end up with a flop. But with this one, I actually made a beautifully flapping crane! I am so proud of myself…. So simple and clear with each step and easy to follow. Thank you!

  9. I tried to do the wings to flap bur i got a normal swan that doesn't flap its wings.

    Oh never mind it flaps (me:yeeeee :3 :D) πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ˜œ

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    should add to title:"Flapping bird origami AND Fox face"

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  17. Ok mine doesn’t flap, but this is the best bird I’ve made so thank you for this tutorial!

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