How to make Photography lighting Softbox at home

Mark 4 cm on both sides of the center Use aluminium foil Make 4 pieces 3.5 cm on both sides of the center Attach the bulb holder Connect soft box with the stand using pencils Use cloth/diffusion paper Now your soft box is ready Like and Subscribe to DIY Ocean

100 thoughts on “How to make Photography lighting Softbox at home

  1. You did a great job. I was wondering if you could add a link to the light socket thingy you used please. Sorry I don't know the name. Lol


  3. У обычных светодиодных лампочек CRI в лучшем случае – 80-85 Ra, т.е. цветопередача "не очень". Для человеческого глаза – нормально, а на фото будут хреновые полутона.

  4. Потрясающе!А можно например эту лампу заменить,ну к примеру на фонарик от телефона?Чтобы временно.

  5. Nice done! The only thing is that you used wrong bulbs. You need 5500 kelvin bulbs.

  6. Great idea and easily adaptable to use on a simple tripod for doing some 'studio' video work too.

  7. wow… ক্লা মই ঝ বনাম তই চাই থাক ????

  8. Ну и дичь… Рефлектор из мятой фольги, обычная лампочка. Светодиод слабо было взять?!

  9. 材料工具 精力 时间加起来 还不如直接买,柔光箱不贵,网上买送到家门口,不过你的手动能力很强。

  10. woah…that's so creative and I'm wanting to make two of it…I'm new in youtube vlogging and it sure helps me in creating my content..I mean the tools or equipments in a minimal resource..Good job and thank you..Hats off!!!!

  11. I have a que is it better for recording my dance videos, it's work or nt

  12. 真似させてもらいますwありがとうございます。

  13. Подскажите,фольгу вы намеренно сделали деформированную?

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  15. One question if i use a bulb on a transparent white paper then is their any chances of yellow tint ?
    If not then it's good

  16. الكرتون المستخدم ألاقيه فين لو سمحت ؟

  17. i was talking with a friend about create a softbox like this, then youtube recommend this…. suspicious …

  18. thanks for very much you're idea, i made two softbox as you told and i already used theme to recording my youtube videos, again thanks a lot for your idea!!!

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  20. Dukungan selalu mendarat disetiap chanel yg ku kunjungi….. Sukses selalu ya

  21. ¡¡¡¿¿¿Por qué usan esa música tan estresante y chocante en tantos videos de youtube???!!! Por lo demás buen vídeo, gracias! 😀

  22. Развёртку выложите пожалуйста кто-нибудь

  23. Идея хорошая, неплохо было бы сделать отверстия вверху для отвода тепла…лайкос за видос !!!

  24. Can you make stand bigger so somebody can make videos while standing

  25. 완벽함이란것은 이럴때 쓰라고 존재하는 것같군요. 저도 하나 만들어봐야겠습니다.

  26. When you show the first step you show a measure of 30cm, but then you changed for 25cm on the next steps. It is a bad mistake for those who really try to follow this tuturial. But anyway, thank you for this vídeo.

  27. Does anyone know what cloth is used here? Is it silk Organza? any idea where i can get some which is wide enough to fit?

  28. Great job. Wish you all the best.Jesus bless. Please everyone read the Gospel 1Corint 15:1-4,Rom 3:25, John 3:16 & Ephes 2:8-9.

  29. Your first dimension, the base is 15 cm x 30 cm. Then, you make the bottom and use 25 cm x 10 cm. There should be 2.5 cm on each side that doesn’t match but yours came out even. How does that work?!?

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