How To Market Yourself – As A Cosplayer

so how do you market yourself as US
player and increase your chances of getting invited as a guest to Comic Cons
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just want to get to the nitty gritty and I want to get into the business of how
do you increase your chances of getting invited to a convention as a cosplay
guest I know we got a lot of friends and stuff that are trying to get invited as
guests to conventions and I just want to share with you some knowledge and some
tips that we’ve learned over these past five years running Florida con artists
on how to increase your chances or one is if you’re gonna market
yourself you’re gonna need business cards these are our dishes that stitches
business cards you’re gonna want to make sure that you get some business cards
well business cards are super easy to make these days we get ours from
vistaprint and we get a couple extra things like glossy backgrounds and stuff
like that but it costs us about fourteen dollars for a thousand cards so you’re
definitely gonna need business cards you want to hand them out everywhere you go
if you attend conventions carry a stack of business cards with you the more
people know you and the more you get the word out for people to follow you the
bigger following you’re gonna have and that’s something that conventions look
at not the only thing that conventions look at but it’s definitely something
conventions look at what kind of following you have the second tip I have
for you guys for marketing yourself as a cosplayer is you’re gonna need a banner
just like that Vistaprint again I believe the average size for a banner is
six feet by three feet and you’re gonna want to invest in a nice banner stand
sure you can get some cheaper 14.99 they’re like twenty dollars but you
really get what you pay for if you want a decent banner stand it’s gonna run you
about eighty to a hundred dollars but remember you’re trying to get guest
spots and you’re trying to build yourself up as a cosplay brand sorry I
have a dog at my feet so you really kind of want to take steps to invest in
yourself invest in your brand and by buying a heavier-duty better style
banner stand it’s gonna save you a lot of frustration down the road absolutely
the next tip I have for you tip number three is you want to write a proposal
now what we do for Florida con artists is whenever there’s a convention in town
somebody that I want to work with I shoot them over a proposal and in this
proposal you just kind of want to tell people who you are kind of share your
social media side maybe your reach and you want to start
thinking about things that you can bring to the convention and I’m not talking
about selling prints and doing what everyone else is doing these days
conventions are looking for added value they want to bring people in that are
gonna engage the audience that are gonna provide programming for their
conventions and that are really gonna draw a crowd and keep people engaged
that’s the secret cosplayers are a dime a dozen these days
everybody’s trying to fight for very limited convention spots so you’re gonna
need to kick up your game so in your proposal you just kind of want to say
what do you bring to the table and this the fourth tip and the fifth tip the
fifth tip is add value to the convention so what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna kind
of wrap everything up into one so you want to think about what kind of panels
can you host at this convention what skills are you good at what separates
you from the pack maybe you’re an expert sower maybe you are an incredible armor
builder out of Evie a foam maybe you really have a knack for cosplay business
and you can bring that maybe you’re a 3d printer expert that’s something that we
do panels on with Fan Expo and mega con is that we do 3d printing panels that
started this year and they’ve been super popular so you want to think about what
sets you apart as a cosplayer why should a convention pick you and that rolls
into number five again you want to add value a lot of times these days
conventions aren’t really looking for inflated numbers I think we all know in
this day and age that likes can be bought shares can be bought fans can be
bought Instagram followers can be bought Twitter followers can be bought so it’s
not so much about the numbers it really is about what kind of programming what
is going to separate you from the crowd and once you have your proposal all
typed up and everything you just kind of want to email it to the convention just
kind of send it over grab an email address you can usually
find email contacts on websites under the contact us just go ahead and email
it out and then just kind of want to patiently wait promoters are very busy
companies have they do more than one convention so you might not hear from
them right away it could be two months it could be three months we’ve even
waited as long as six months before a convention has gotten in contact with us
and wanted to invite us out well guys there you go I hope that you found this
video useful I just wanted to jump on on our live stream and share some tips with
you guys I’m really proud of everybody that’s up there hustling I see you guys
in my facebook feed I see you guys in my Instagram feed you guys are doing great
I’m so proud of the next generation that’s coming up we’ve been doing it for
five years and it’s great to see up-and-coming people that are really
killing it so I hope that with this information you find it valuable and it
can help you get guest spots at conventions until next time remember at
dishes and stitches were putting the confidence back in the cosplay

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