How to operate that Dam Pump Trailer with your Travelling Irrigator

Hello I’m Ben from green Pro You’re probably getting sick of my ugly mug by now But today we’re going to show you an introduce you to our ATV Dam Pump Trailer We’ve designed our Dam Pump Trailer to make it easy Make something that’s very versatile, to be able to drive up to any Creek or Dam on your property Suck out of the dam, feed your irrigator and get some green pasture So the first thing we’re going to do is drop our suction hose and filter in the dam And then run it up to our to our Dam Pump then we’re going to just prime the pump, now to prime the pump we put some water in our priming tank and we then open this lever to Fill up the pump with water Okay, the water will go from your priming tank into the dam pump trailer You open the valve up here once the pump is full It will actually flow into your suction hose as well so it’s a good idea to have a full tank and It’ll fill the pump but it’ll also go to the suction hose and help prime your suction hose to start it up It will just open up the valve, make sure that’s nice and loose We turn the motor on and then we give it a bit of choke and we start it up, so now we are starting to prime Our suction line and our pump, you’ll see Once the pump is primed on your outlet, on your pump You’ll get a good steady flow of water coming out, so a solid beam of water will be coming out of your outlet on your pump So we’ve primed the pump, we then turn the motor off, as we’re all primed. We’re then going to hook up your Supply hose to the irrigator, so then we put our put our inch hose and hook her up to the irrigator. What we do as well is we’ll run our cutoff switch cable, from the dam pump to the irrigator so that when your hose comes back in turns off the water, turns off the motor on your On your Dam Pump trailer, once your primed, hook it up to the irrigator Pull your hose out And off you go You should be able to set this up Five minutes at the most, shouldn’t take you much longer then that And then when you’re done, you can roll your hoses back on to the dam pump Hook your irrigator and your dam pump up, and move it onto your next spot nice and easy, and It’ll be greener on your side of the fence You

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