22 thoughts on “How to Paint Moldings and Trim

  1. Yeah I have wooden trim that is brown in my house and it is very crocus. I am ready to Paint it….White! Hetalia! so my house can look normal.

  2. Great tips thanks!  Isn't there a method of caulking over the edge of the tape for clean lines?

  3. I would recommend pulling the tape prior to it drying which risks bridging between the paint and tape and increases the likelihood of pulling some of the fresh paint, since the paint is still wet, use a pair of latex gloves or any old pair of gloves to do the pulling.

  4. just curious but it looked as if there was paint on the hardwood floors after you finished? i could be wrong. also never let it fully dry before pulling the tape off.

  5. I wish we'd hire u to paint our hse cause the ones we got now DON'T USE TAPE for crisp edges…who does that? Where are your paints sold at in Nashville? Great video. Now I want to learn to paint like a pro

  6. Nice camera fade job @ 3:33 I'm a new painter and have learned a small bead of clear caulk along the tape line will insure a perfect crisp line. And I'm sure you sell that too! Learned it from, The Idaho painter, he's a perfectionist, Love It !

  7. Just buy you a nicer brush one.. 2. learn how to cut in. If you must tape use your 5n1 on your corners to cut tape straight .. after watching a couple of these paint videos I see that I must create one to show all you guys up

  8. i seen the bit of gloss you got on the wall Cole after you removed the tape 😉

  9. I`ve just had a look at my `trim` and i have a large `gash`……………….. Now what?

  10. my friend just painted my hall ways trims and doors with exterior paint.with Valspar aspire paint & primer exclusive ever luxe formula. I'm just a little worry this is bad for me and family. I notice it smells a lot. my nephew caughs a lot too. I was thinking he was sick. he painted a week ago & just yesterday again. I just realized it was exterior paint. could this bring any health issues in the future? if I wanted to paint over it with interior do I need prime first or can I just buy paint with prime? thanks

  11. I painted my moldings and trim and when I finished, I pulled off the tape. The tape pulled the paint off and left bare spots in some places. What happened?
    We sanded with 220 sandpaper, wiped off to clean, taped and painted.

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