How To Play Hold Back The River On Guitar ★ EASY ★ By James Bay “Hold Back The River”

Giday youtube Jase here.
In this weeks lessons we are going to learn how to play hold back the river on guitar
by James Bay. So let’s get into it. Welcome back guys Jase here.
Let’s learn that song hold back the river. Now just quickly if you want to get the tab
to play along with the lyrics and chords if you go to my website and click on the link
in the description you’ll be able to go to a page where I have a four step process of
learning a song which is the this tutorial with the chords and lyrics and the original
to practice along with. So umm I encourage you to print it out and
put it in a song book or upload to your iPad which is what I do.
Now let’s get into the song now it’s sound is a it uses tenths umm but I tend to think
it as thirds but an octave up. I play alot of thirds like.
so It’s just an octave up. Great sound especially if you are a song writer
I’d put that definitely in your bag of tricks. Ok let’s do the verse.
ok what’ I will do is bring that in so you can see it as it is very easy as we are only
talking about two notes here. So umm you start on the fifth fret.. to keep
you close. And that’s it and I would I would make it
your own umm he does mucks around with it a little bit, puts some slides in there and
umm he does a bit of this. So I’d do that as well.
So that is the verse. Lets go on to the chorus. Ok that’s do the chorus, 3 chords which are
Bb, F and C. In the first chorus there is no C it is pretty
subdued but it’s in there if you want to use it for later choruses.
So we will get into it. Hold back the river… look in your eyes.
So I. See where you hide.
Hold back the river… So I I… Stop for ….Where you hide.,.. hold back the river.
So that’s it so I’ll bring it in a bit so it goes Bb Hold back the river… Dumb Dumb.
To F, back to Bb… hold back the river so I I… and see where you hide. Then it goes
to C back to the Bb. So that’s the Chorus, pretty easy but it sounds
fantastic doesn’t it. So let’s move on to the bridge.
Ok guys let’s do the bridge. Umm 3 chords, Umm which are F, Bb, and you
can use the Bb up here if you want. Remember all the chords are on my page if you click
on the link in the description and then G minor.
So that’s F, Bb and G minor. So it goes something like this, you can play
all down strokes that’s fine. Umm Lonely Water.
Let us wander, each other. Lonely
Bb. Let’s us hold each other. So that’s it I’ll
bring it in. It’s pretty each. So we’ve got F to the Bb to G minor.
So that’s the bridge umm pretty easy song. He uses different tuning but we won’t get
into that it’s easier to stick to the standard tuning.
Umm yeh fantastic song I absolutely love it. Now that pretty much concludes this tutorial
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So that’s it from me, thank you so much for sticking around this long. Umm and I hope
to see you soon thank you.

6 thoughts on “How To Play Hold Back The River On Guitar ★ EASY ★ By James Bay “Hold Back The River”

  1. Hi guys, check out my latest guitar lesson on how to play Hold Back The River on guitar by 

    I heard song in the car on my way home last week and absolutely loved it so I had to learn it.

    I hope you enjoy it. cheers Jase

  2. Hi guys, for next week's lesson I'm learning another COOL song called "Up Town Funk" which should be ready Wednesday.

    I'm going to show you how to play an acoustic version which sounds great that you can play solo or in a duo etc.

    How did you like the previous lesson I did of "Hold Back The River" ? I still can't get it out of my head… what an awesome song.

  3. Fastest tutorial I have seen. You didn't even tutor. You did more of a run though. For someone as cabbage as me I need it dissected. Note for next time

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