How To Remove Jeep Wrangler YJ Turn Signal Light Assembly

hey guys thanks for tuning in I’m Tony
in this video I’m gonna show you how to change out the parking turn signal light
housing and the front of your YJ this should be the same on a 90 and 87 so
like a 95 YJ isn’t too hard to do if you weren’t too sure what’s involved in
doing it I figured I’d show you how to do it but before I roll into that remember if
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anything let’s get rolling on this okay so to
remove the lens there’s two Phillips head screws so your gonna need a Phillips
head screwdriver and they should come out pretty easily for you take that one out you know want to remove that one then on
the back the socket twists and locks into place into the housing there’s a
little clip right here so take the clip move it to the side twist and pull out
and that’s how the housing comes out then take your parking light turn signal
housing take the socket you’re gonna have to twist it there’s a few little
indentations here this there are three of them so what that allows you to do
is to line this up and remember that tip on the siding on the press sat in
that locks it in place it’s gonna turn like that and now let’s select in place
this little tip right here will allow it to stay locked in so push it back in
place and take your two Phillips head screwdrivers screws don’t crank down on
these because they can crack pretty easy just put enough pressure on ones to hold
it in place put the other one in it doesn’t take a whole lot of pressure at
all it’s easy to crack on these things and they are never made out of the best plastic
that’s all they are is plastic it’s pretty much it just wanted to do a quick and
easy down and dirty video for you guys who might not be that familiar with Jeeps or cars in general wanted to show you how to tackle this one if you
have any questions you can totally leave us a comment I’ll reply back to you
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later take it easy guys

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