How to Remove OPI Polish from Cuticle

Now I’m going to show you guys a Pro Tip on how to fix a mistake that
you made when you’re applying your lacquer onto your nail. So I’ve already applied one coat. I’m going to apply my second coat. And I got a little bit on the skin. So in order to remove that, I’m going to take a wipe, and I have some remover in my dabbing dish. And I’m just going to take a brush. I’m going to put it into my remover. I’m actually going to dab it onto my wipe
so I don’t flood out the color and make more of a mess on the nail. And I’m just gonna lightly remove this, and wipe it onto my wipe. If you don’t have a brush, you can actually use a cotton swab
as well to remove any mistake that you made on the nail plate. And that’s your Pro Tip on how to clean up your nail. Now I’m just gonna finish off with some Top Coat, and she is done.

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