How to Replace a Light with a Ceiling Fan (Install a Ceiling Fan) – Step by Step

25 thoughts on “How to Replace a Light with a Ceiling Fan (Install a Ceiling Fan) – Step by Step

  1. Thanks so much. These were perfect instructions to help me replace the light fixture with a ceiling fan for my husband for Fathers Day.

  2. I thought due to the stud Location you couldn't install the fan directly over the old box? But then you did just that later on

  3. In summer you want to pull the warm air up to the ceiling. (Counter clockwise while looking up at fan) And in the winter you want to push the warm air down to the floor. (Clockwise while looking up at fan). Most fans cost around 6 dollars to run and you'll save a lot more than that by pushing warm furnace air back to the ground (as warm air rises) during the winter months. Even on slowest speed you'll save money in one winter.

  4. Only thing throwing me off about this video is the stud finder…aren't there better ones on the market?

  5. I am watching your video to learn how to install a ceiling fan on my patio. This is the fist time I am going to do this.
    I asked a handy man if I could have a ceiling fan on my patio and he made it sound really complicated.
    Thank you

  6. I was trying to change my ceiling fan on and u instructions are very helpful since my fan is bigger then the old one and wouldn't fit on the box I have to replace the dam box now thank you for u vid

  7. We didn't have a power on the ceiling of the patio, and to bring it there I hired one electrician from a decent company "MileStone". He brought the wire there, but failed to cut the hole for the pan electrical box symmetrically, so the load bearing joist is going not
    through the center of that hole, but slightly shifted (not more that ~1/4"). The electrician attached the box not to the center of the stud, as a result, so the stud got slightly split, and the box itself was sitting on two #6 screws (~1.5") and one big (~#12-14) short screw on the end of the box. Maybe it would hold like that for couple years, but I like solid work, so decided to redo it. Not sure is it better to cut out the ceiling more (but then you need to patch it), or strengthen somehow the bottom of that joist in addition to the glue for wood "Gorilla" and pieces of wood I used with clamps to close the splits and unnecessary multiple holes the technician did. I would appreciate any opinion on the question: is it better to cut a bigger hole or just to strengthen that joist. Thank you for the great film.

  8. First video I found that went into detail on how to connect wires. Thanks.

  9. Any idea what would cause the remote not to be able to turn the light off in order to use the fan? My fan works but the remote won’t turn the light off. I can turn it off at the wall but it’ll also turn off the fan.

  10. 2 things..You completely left out how to install the metal box you fastened the fan to, fail…the other is your ads..I won't sit through 10 ads for one video

  11. Dude not only is my light very similar to yours but I'm looking to install the exact same fan lol

  12. incompetent, unskilled, unprepared beta male.

    pass on this one folks….nothing to see here…..

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