8 thoughts on “How to Replace Headlight Switch 02-05 Ford Explorer

  1. Thank you for the video. It helped me figure out how to replace the wore out switch with a new one while causing no damage to the panel.

  2. Hi I replace my main switch twice already and it keeps blowing my fuse. Any help would be appreciated thanks?

  3. can this switch be the problem if my high beams work but not the low beams

  4. How about a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer? It seems a bit more involved.. any videos on that?

  5. Im looking at a 2005 Explorer. What is the "P" on/off switch to the right of the headlight assembly ?

  6. Sir, when I flip the lever back for hy beans, my headlights go out..nothing but break n running lights or parking..flip the hy beam off.low beam come back on..is this the problem?

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