hi everyone this is geramicc85 today i am goint to replace the leds of these recon led aftermarket chrome look rooflights i installed these lights about 3 years ago and now two of the lights started to hyperflash when i installed the lights back then i was told that these leds last 5k hours now i was wondering why these two didnt i am aware of the fact that it also depends on the quality of the leds used but since they are produced by recon i dont think they are that bad of a quality please correct me if i am wrong on that by the way they are supposed to be clear chrome lenses and look at them now the lense got all yellowish, i dont like how they look anymore but i dont want to buy new ones either if you are considering to buy recon cab lights it is good that you are watching this so you know what you are actually purchasing well anyways back to the leds, i dont want to replace them all the time usually car leds should work at 12 volts but sometimes the alternator puts out more, maybe 13 or 14 volts if you buy leds for your car make sure they can take more then just the 12 volts good quality car leds can have a voltage range or example of 12 to 18 volts and maybe they dont start hyperflashing and breaking in this case i will install these T10 smd leds they can take up to 24 volts to make sure they can take the voltage the alternator is putting out i am using a philips screw driver to take out the screws that are holding the cab light i take off the lense and pull out the rubber bulb holder from the bottom now i am replacing the old led with one of the new 24 volts smd leds before i put everything back together i check and make sure it has the right polarity otherwise i would have to turn the led by 180 degrees this one works fine so i can stick the led back into the housing and turn it clockwise i just have to secure the cab light back onto the roof with the two screws and thats it here you see the two leds in comparison the right one is the new smd led that can take up to 24 volts the left one is one of the 12 volt recon leds 2 out of 5 of the provided recon leds broke sooner then three years after purchasing even though the new 24 volt leds are not as bright i can live with that as long as they dont start hyperflashing all the time because i have other things to do then changing out leds all the time that are supposed to last 50K hours i hope this video was informative and maybe helped you out with your project or repair feel free to watch more helpful videos on my channel and please subscribe if you like to thank you very much for watching, have a good day! geramicc85 signing out


  1. i too have these lights installed on my 2005 RAM 2500.  I have the smoke lenses with yellow lights.  the first light (middle light) failed after 1 year.  I didnt give it much thought since it was in the center and could not be seen at night.  recently i had an additional light fail.  I will be replacing these lights soon.

  2. it's like you read my mind on getting recon lights, thanks for sharing I will look into other cab lights, cheers

  3. Thanks man, Ive also noticed my RECON dome lights messing up, well the one side does, the other is okay. RECON has a poor quality control, they hide this by having expensive products. Usually you get what you pay for but with RECON they just charge you more.
    The headlights usually get moisture and dust in them as well!

  4. Recon light are no better than the stuff you find on eBay but at 3 times the price. I bought a third Led brake light from them and the chrome faded badly in two years. Thanks for helping out your viewers bro by giving them the heads up!

  5. Sometimes you will get condensation on the inside of the housing. Applying electrical grease in the bulb socket will help you eliminate poor connections and keep moisture out of those sockets also.

  6. Hey um.. idk if anyone will read this but… does anybody recommend a place where I can buy these lights?
    or a video on how to install them?

  7. I also bought the smoked amber RECON lights about 4 years ago, (bought off their website for 130 bucks, but were the only LED cab lights I could find at that time) and the LEDs started flickering and failing almost immediately. RECON does not stand behind their products, as I had to pay full price for a new set of bulbs that also have all failed but 2. I am now ordering new bulbs from different source. Hours of my time wasted changing out bulbs. NOTE: I found LED side marker lights for my 2002 Ram Dually at Walmart for 7 bucks each, both amber and red.

  8. Recon products are cheap garbage, anything they sell is cheap and won't last. Its basically rebranded Ebay products.

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