How to replace the water inlet valve on a Hotpoint washing machine

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares and in this video,
I’m going to show you how to replace the inlet valve in this Hotpoint washing machine.
Now, here we are round the back of the washing machine. Water gets into the machine by coming
through the inlet hose, through the inlet valve and into the machine. The inlet valve’s
job is to control how much water goes into the machine and when it goes in during a cycle.
Now there are two types of inlet valve, the hot water valve and the cold water valve.
However, on most modern washing machines, only the cold water valve will be plumbed
in. So how will you know when your inlet valve is broken? It’s most likely to happen during
cold weather. Cold water inside the valve can freeze and expand and therefore crack
the valve and cause leakage. So if you’re noticing that there’s a leak coming from
your washing machine either at the back or underneath, and it’s definitely not coming
from the door seal, then the chances are you’ll need to replace the inlet valve- especially
during cold weather. So here we have a selection of different inlet
valves, they come in all different shapes and sizes; from the simple, like this one-way
hot water inlet valve to the more complex, like this four-way cold water inlet valve
which sends water into four different directions inside the washing machine and has four valves
on it too. Now, it doesn’t matter how simple or complex the inlet valve is on your washing
machine, they’ll all be fitted in much the same way. What you will need to make sure
of though, is that you get the right inlet valve for your washing machine. To do this,
you’ll need the model number. This can be found either round the front on the inside
of the door or like this model, on a label on the back here. So now what I’m going to do, is fit this
three-way cold water inlet valve inside this Hotpoint WD 440p washer dryer. Safety first,
make sure your washing machine is unplugged at the wall before you get to work and you’ll
need to move it into a big open space like I’ve done so you’ve got easy access to
the back of the machine. Now, I’m just going to remove the top panel, so I’ll need to
remove the two screws at the back here. Now we can just about see the cold water inlet
valve situated below the dispenser draw top here, it’s held in place by three screws;
two in the dispenser draw top and one at the back of the machine, which I’m now going
to remove. So now we have a slight problem, one of the
screws holding the dispenser draw top to the inlet valve is positioned underneath the chassy
of the washing machine, so we need to move the whole dispenser draw assembly forward
a couple of inches so we have access to it. First thing I need to do is remove the draw,
and now I’m going to need to remove the fascia as well which is held in place by a
couple of screws. Now I just need to remove the fascia by unclipping
these two clips, and then I can put the whole thing on top of the machine. We can now move
the whole dispenser assembly and inlet valve forward a couple of inches so we now have
access to the two screws here. They are Torx head screws, you can buy a Torx set at the
eSpares website, I’m just going to use a Torx bit on the end of a driver. Lastly, I’m
just going to snip the cable tie off. Finally, I can remove the pressure sensor, and now
I can separate the inlet valve and dispenser assembly just like that. I can now remove
the whole dispenser assembly over to one side, just being careful not to damage the tub inlet
hose, and now I’ve got space to work on the valve. Before you remove the old one, just make sure
to take the seals off it because they don’t come with the new valve. Now, I’ll need
to remove this hose by taking that clip off, and then pulling the hose off just like that. Now I just need to remove these connections
but before I do, I’m going to take a photo so that I know how I’m going to put them
back into my new valve. Now we can get rid of our old valve, and here is our new one. Basically to fit it, all you need to do is
repeat every single step you’ve just taken to remove the old one, but in reverse. Starting
with putting the connections into the new valve. Don’t forget your seals of course. And that’s how you fit a cold water inlet
valve to a Hotpoint washer dryer. It’s a bit of a fiddly task but it is doable and
is certainly better than getting an engineer out. On a lot of models, it’ll be a lot
simpler to change the inlet valve than on this one, because the dispenser draw won’t
be in the way. Inlet valves for all makes and models of washing
machine are available on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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