How To Rig Lights to Upright Truss

– Hi, I’m Jordan from Kettner
Creative and in this video I want to show, give you a
handful of tips for when you’re mounting lighting fixtures to truss. So as you can see here, this
slim part P6 fixture is bolted to a two inch clamp and
that clamp is secured to the truss itself. Now every fixture that has a
lighting clamp or a rigging clamp needs to have a
safety cable for sure. And any fixture that’s ground
supported, that’s above shoulder height needs
to have a safety cable. For our bigger more pro
fixtures that we’re actually worried about just
because of how expensive they are we usually put a
strap on so it holds the light down to the truss as well. You don’t need that if you
have a certified rigging clamp but if you’re just setting
there then you need some positive pressure holding it to the truss. We were at an event two weeks
ago with a so called lighting designer that was super
excited that he just bought six moving lights all rigged
to truss and he didn’t have a single safety cable there. It’s just a law suit waiting
to happen so don’t be that guy. These things cost five
dollars each or they come free with every rental from
any proper rental shop so there’s no reason not to. In terms of being neat and
tidy, that’s another very important thing with all your cabling, it’s really easy to get caught up setting up your event
quickly but doing a nice job is about how it looks. As you can see here you can
really only see the cables going to the lighting fixture right there. Everything else is hidden
from the audience and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. We’ve seen DJ’s with just like
rat’s nest of cable coming down through the truss and it’s just like, it just looks terrible. This doesn’t take any longer
to do it’s just a matter of being good at what you do. Small things like using white
electrical tape on aluminum truss just helps it be even more discreet. You want the feature, you want
the lights to do the talking you don’t want your cables and
your mess to do the talking at any given event. Anyway, thanks for watching,
that’s all the tips we have for now but check
out the other videos on our channel. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “How To Rig Lights to Upright Truss

  1. I only use safety cables on my expensive and heavy moving heads and fixtures. Other lights that are lightweight and cheap, I just make sure their clamps are tight.

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