How to Schedule a Facebook Post on Mobile

hello everybody and welcome to expert
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after an incredible response on my video on how to schedule a Facebook post in
2019 because remember Facebook they do what
they do best and changed everything around
I got an overwhelming response asking how do you schedule posts on mobile so
that’s what we’re gonna do today I’m gonna show you how you can get back on
track start scheduling those posts on your mobile platform this works for
Android or iPhone so let’s go ahead and jump in hey good morning everybody and
welcome to another video today I’m going to show you guys how to schedule a
Facebook post on the mobile platform this works for either Android or iPhone
so the first thing you’re gonna need is you’re gonna need to go here and open
your Facebook pages manager if you don’t have that you can go ahead and download
that no problem then you’re gonna go ahead and you’re going to navigate to
your page here on Facebook so here we are on the expert influencer Academy
page and then we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna schedule our post so you’re
gonna go here to post you’re gonna go ahead and upload your content and right
here I just have a little piece of content that I made and we’re just gonna
post something here real quick it’s all about the hustle 100% and then
you’re gonna go here to next and then it’s gonna ask you how do you want to
publish this post and then post now you’re gonna come down here to the drop
down you’re gonna push a schedule and then you’re gonna go ahead and you’re
gonna add in your time so we’re gonna post this at 3:30 p.m. I’m gonna go
ahead and hit okay we’re gonna go ahead and hit set date then you’re gonna go
hit schedule and there you go we now have a scheduled Facebook post from
mobile so guys it’s as easy as that you need to download the pages Facebook
pages manager and then from there you just go ahead and post regularly and
then you go ahead and schedule it out well guys hope you enjoyed this short
video on how to post from a mobile platform I just wanted to touch base
with everybody I have a another video you can check out in the card linked up
above that shows you how to post from a schedule a Facebook post from PC guys
thanks for tuning in hope you found this video useful if you did please hit the
like button and share with other creatives that are trying to figure out
the new Facebook post scheduling it’s kind of confusing and we’ll talk later
thank you guys bye bye

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