How to Select the Brightest Warning Light for a Tow Truck

Hi I’m Paul with AWDirect tech support.
One of the many questions I receive from customers on warning lights is which one
is the brightest? So today I would like to talk little about the SAE standards
and the classes that apply to warning lights and then actually show you some
of the examples how brightness can differ between the classes and even
light to light when the standards and class are the same. There are three
standards that relate directly to the warning lights use in the tow industry.
SAE J595 SAE J845 and SAE J1318 Within the standards lights are
separated into three classes with class 1 being the brightest. Class 2 is 25% of
the brightness of class 1 and class 3 is 10% of the brightness of class 1. Bare in
mind that these are minimum standards only. The tow operators on-road reality
with distracted drivers, poor weather and night time jobs is we need to be seen.
Class 1 provides the highest amount of light which means the highest amount of
visibility. So there is one more standard for warning light intensity that needs
to be mentioned and that’s California title 13. It’s the toughest specification
for light brightness and is required for the state of California. Okay so let’s
turn on some Class 1, 2 and 3 beacon lights and see what the classes
actually look like. As you can see they’ll be quite a difference between
the classes. So this is class 3 class 2 and class 1. So as you’re looking through our catalog
you see lots of class 1 warning lights at all kinds of price ranges. You figure
let’s save a few bucks and go with the inexpensive ones. They all meet class 1’s right and I don’t need all those fancy flash patterns. Well there is another
consideration. Some manufacturers and light models surpass the minimum
requirements of the sae standards with more expensive LED technology which is
brighter and in some cases much brighter. Let’s take a look. Now these are all
class 1 warning lights. This is a least expensive version, a mid-range and a more
higher-end LED warning light. And here are a few more examples. Again
all Class 1. Least expensive, mid-ranged and more expensive warning light. As you
can see there’s quite a bit of difference between the least expensive
and the most expensive. And one more point. While the color the
warning light is speced out in the SAE standards, there is differences in the
brightness depending on the color. These are identical warning lights except for
their color. Let’s take a look. So as you can see the whites and amber are
brighter compared to the reds and the blues. It’s the nature of LED technology
while the colors we use in our trucks are determined by our state’s or cities
we operate in it’s a good point to understand. Well I hope this video gives
you an idea of which warning lights are the brightest. Thank you for watching and
make sure you contact us if you have any questions about our large selection of
warning lights or any other product from AW Direct. Be safe out there.

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