How to Set Up Autopot Systems | Greens Hydroponics Tutorial

You can also use other absorbent media, such as coco, to fill the pots. We recommend soil for the best results. Please ensure you establish a good root system by hand feeding for 10 days before switching on the Autopot system.

19 thoughts on “How to Set Up Autopot Systems | Greens Hydroponics Tutorial

  1. help me out lads im a bit confused if you have 2 wall sockets a u have a contractor for 4 x 600 watts they require both plug where would u plug ur extractors and hydro systems to ? can u address this in a vid plz

  2. Autopots are a great innovation in the horticultural industry. They use a gravity-fed design meaning no power, pumps, or timers are necessary. They're also highly efficient and when used right, give your plants just what they need to get great results:

    How To Set Up Autopot Systems – Tutorial

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  3. Very nice, I may look into something like this to deal with my having to be away from my grows for days at a time

  4. Do you have to use soil with this system, or could you just fill the whole planter up with hydroton?

  5. Hi, trying to setup the autopot system, but Im a bit confused. The kit has 2 pads the one with the bronze and the one with the black, what goes where? The instruction tells to put the bronze one into the tray not the pot

  6. Can a "click and drip" (or something similar) gravity timer be used with the autopot to help regulate the water a bit more?

  7. Uploading a video tutorial presenting a product and not answering at any questions that follows is not so cool not even professional.

  8. i know this must sound super stupid but how does the water get into the soil? the wter comes in at the bottom of the pot right? but the soil doesnt reach the bottom of the top rigiht? how does it work? 😀 sry i know it is a stupid question for sure but i am thankful for every advice. i am a complete scrub as u can see. pls excuse my terrible english

  9. Does it mention anyway or does anyone know how the system corrects for salts build ups in the bottom of the trays. Is this handled manually or is this a problem at all. To me is must be.

  10. I wanted to make a super soil and bio tab set up for soil, how would this fare with this system? I’d assume with super soil and biotabs the plant would need to be water from the top often and it will just cause overflow from the excess water wouldn’t it? Or would the bottom layer of clay pebbles holding water soak up into the super soil and make it moist?

  11. They don't talk about how fragile the fittings are, namely the T Fitting where it joins the 6 mil pipe and the 6mil fitting on the valve. Plus if one valve isn't working correctly and stays open, or not secured you will awake to an empty tank and a huge flood. Has happened twice to me. . Plus you have buy every fitting again and they offer not service nor refunds. The system is crap and not user friendly like its promoted. Plus can not add enhancers etc.

  12. omg… getting that prop in the hole to the water container is impossible!!! wtf.. please make a better design.

  13. What if you added a control bucket with a float set to the desired water level for the entire system? If every bucket needs 4" of water, set it to 4" in the control and let gravity do the work. Install it inline between resi and plants and eliminate the need to have a float on every single plant. Simpler design, fewer parts.

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