How To Set Up Coleman 2 Mantle Lanterns

how to set up coleman lanterns how to use camping lanterns coleman fuel lanterns how to change lantern mantle hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you have a Coleman lantern then you
need a few accessories to go with it to ensure that you can actually use it
the first thing you need to make sure that you have a supply are the mantles these are the little cloth attachments
that you hook to the inside that you’re going to light and these are
fragile breakable so make sure you have a nice good supply of them the next thing you need is Coleman fuel you need to make sure you have fuel that
is designed for your lantern don’t ever substitute anything like
gasoline or anything strange just use what is appropriate and then
know that it’s flammable and anything that’s flammable needs to be handled with care especially
if you ever wanted to try and use it inside you need to be very careful of carbon
monoxide then in order to pour your fuel you need if fuel funnel and this one is a filtering funnel
it has a filter that goes in here to keep
impurities out of your lantern i will show you how to use this and
will start start with the mantles mantles Come in a
2-pack so you want to cut those open and you
can see what they look like now you wanna unscrew the top pull off the lid and the glass globe you can see that this has been used and this is broken and
so I need to replace them first thing I am gonna
do is remove any leftover fibers you can see they just get crumbly and they will disintegrate so make sure
you have extras because they’re like char cloth they just fall apart the best way to tie your new mantle on is to use a surgeon’s knot see you put it over there a the place where it goes whatever you
call this and then you pull the two strings up then you just like you’re gonna tell your shoe
you loop one side over and you push it under and then do it one
more time then so it’s LOOPED two times and pull it up get it tight and then just finish with a regular like a square knot but she flipped it two times and then
one time and that’s gonna hold it and way more
securely and then just trim off the extra string this has 2 mantles so I’m gonna go to the
other side and put another mantle on
the lantern and pull up the string and I’m gonna
tie it over and put it through 2 times pull it tight loop it over and finish tying it and trim the ends mantles have to be pre burned never do it inside because it sends up a bunch of smoke so we’ll take it outside and finish
preparing it light them from the bottom lots of smoke and never do this part
in the house let it burn until the fabric
has been burned until it just looks like ash replace the globe put the lid on now fill it with fuel remove the cap insert the funnel make sure you get it in there
all the way and do this outside so you don’t spill flammable liquid inside your house higher fuel you can see there pouring
spout is on the side so pour it sideways rather than from the front and replace cap make sure your fuel valve is to off and
then you go to your little pump and you turn it one turn and you
put your finger over the little hole pump it up precedent book it now there’s a little hole here for putting the match and that’s where we are going to light it this one has two holes because it is two
mantles first light the light then open this once you get it lit you can adjust the
flame by turning the knob and then when you
want it to go out to turn it completely off and it
should go off within 1 to 2 minutes if you’re going to use it inside inside like your house or your tent in
an emergency make sure that there’s a little bit of fresh air and if you’re
ever inside your house using open flame and gadgets gizmos and equipment make sure
that you have a carbon monoxide detector please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

14 thoughts on “How To Set Up Coleman 2 Mantle Lanterns

  1. It took me a few explosive light ups to figure out to put the lighter inside the globe first, and then crack open the valve.

  2. Finally! Someone who lights the mantles first without turning the fuel on. It seems like everyone that makes an instructional video about this blows a hole in their mantles. They probably shouldn't be showing anyone how to do anything! I watch these videos just for the laughs so seeing someone who really knows what they're doing was nice. I've been camping for 30 years or more now so they all seem a little dumb with the exception of yours of course. I going to check out some more of your videos.

  3. thank you!!! just bought one of these and had no clue on how to operate them 🙂

  4. yes pour it sideways but make sure the spout is up and it will pour much smoother…no gurgles

  5. Good video. Get the Peerless brand mantels on Ebay. They burn brighter and last much longer. I got 12 of them for like $10.

  6. Actually, you can use unleaded gasoline. The first of these stoves and lanterns was supplied to US troops during WWII as “gasoline” stoves and lanterns. You may need to clean or replace the generator after many, many hours of burning, but you can use gasoline.
    Unleaded gasoline line $2+/gallon
    Coleman fuel $12 or more/gallon.

  7. I'm in Scotland uk and I have one of these.
    I really like them. I usually use Coleman fuel but unleaded pertol works too. Unleaded is way cheaper to use than Coleman fuel. A gallon of Coleman fuel in uk works out equivalent to $46 USD ….. REALLY EXPENSIVE!

  8. i also use 1800 degree anti-seize on the nut on the top of the lantern so it dont rust up and stick on there. this is also good if you lose your brass nut on top and have to get a steel one, it helps to keep from damaging the threaded stud on top, what i use is CRC COPPER ANTI-SEIZE & LUBRICATING COMPOUND PART # SL35903 its good for up to 1800 degrees f or 982 c also if you have a lantern that has a steel fuel cap this will help keep the steel cap from sticking when it gets hot so you dont have to use plairs to get it off and scratch the paint, when you light your lantern it will smoke a little from the anti-seize but thats normal but you will always be able to get the lantern to come apart, hope this helps, also there is a way to use unleaded fuel in a coleman stove or lantern, you take 4 gallons of reg unleaded the cheaper stuff then add 1 gallon of water with food colloring then every day shake the daylights out of the 5 gallon can, the water acts like a sponge and asorbs a lot of the chemicals out of the gas, the longer you shake it and let it sit the better, after a week you will notice the gas turning almost a clear color, the water and food colloring stays in the bottom gas floats to top, so pour gas off the top and check it for how clear it is, its not perfect but it does work and wont hurt anything, just another idea to help some of you out there

  9. Hey Granny I just bought an old 1974 Coleman lantern and was looking for info on their operation, your video was great!

  10. I just got a 1971 Colman lantern, back in my possession.
    It was brand new in the box three years ago. It was in storage for 2 years. It lit right up but I need to replace the gas mantels.

    I always think of my grandmother when I use it. Because she used to tell a story about when she was using one when she was a young girl.

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