How to setup Deluge Thinclient and Server on Windows OS

in this video to show you how to set up
deluge as a thin client and how to set up the server first off I’m going to show you what you can accomplish having deluge set up in this configuration you can download a torrent on your local
computer It will actually actually start the download on
a remote computer like a server or just another computer on your network or even across the
internet. So right here I just download a torrent for Ubuntu when I click and run that torrent it opens
this familiar torrent like interface that you’re probably
familiar with but it will actually start a it is on a remote computer, it is not on the
local computer that I actually downloaded the torrent file on in addition to the client interface is also a web interface. I’ll demonstrate that here. You can go to the URL and log right in through any web browser including a
mobile browser like on an iPhone or Android phone you can add torrents and do everything here just like you could on the local client Just a reminder, the whole point of this is the torrents are actually starting on the remote computer not on your local computer or on your phone or other device you’re using to actually start the download To begin setting this up, first thing we are going to do is go to the deluge website and download latest version of deluge. this tutorial is for Windows so we are going to go here and download latest Windows version. We are going to start with what I’ll call the local computer or your
primary computer where you’re downloading and starting the downloads, not on the server (remote machine). So once we have that downloaded You can just run it pretty typical installer just sort of Next
Next Next through the installer if you do have the option you do want
to set it as your default torrent program. Once it’s installed go a head and open it up Go to edit then preferences, then into interface then uncheck this classic mode. This will
actually make it so your not downloading the torrents to your computer. It will make it so you can set it up to connect to a remote computer instead go ahead and uncheck that and then click
on OK so no we are going to set up the server side I or after the deluge website and
download and install to lose you can I just like he did on your primary
computer you know there are two web sites here
we’re going to use and the deluge tutorial website I
haven’t been here in the browser and also the non-smoking service manager so our private these links down below
the description if you wanna download the and SSM extracted make sure you know where it’s
going it is required in order to automatically
start deluge the service so toys available
free to connect you see on to a certain elevated command
prompt by right clicking on it and choose Run as Administrator command prompt ist CMT if you’re
familiar sold next they want to do is find out
where we actually extracted the NSS him to a lot copy the full path that
leads to the actual here see file in the command
prompt Pratt type in CD for change directory and then paste in that path to change
and make that our Active Directory at this point I recommend pulling up the
command prompt and the solutions for a web sites our web site
so it easy to follow his commands an extra type and and SSM space install space solutions create a new service their apt us find parameters so for the path do you actually wanna check the path
where does stalled in the example it is program files by
the models cases on 64-bit OS actually gonna be Program Files x86 I
like it is here so actually going to jester copy that for PAF where the deliciousness told
pace in there enough argument misses reaction to
specify where can take files are saved you can use this to fall fund our time
if you do have a different preference go ahead and put it in there few where
way of putting it you know that old in click Install X to
stop the webservice Chris type in to the command prompt
again and SSM install deluge bad skate for another
service again wanna double check your path asking me most likely Program Files x86 and then paste in your argument as well
directories in the same could check folder for both delusion delish web services now in order to create a default config
files we are gonna have to start services so campus in command prompt and type in
and SSM space start space delusion enter and
then did the same portal web service that sucks services for the
first time and I’ll actually create basically up circle template can pick
file first data next step is to browse second thick
folder at the found here called of actually
right click on it and choose to open with and then select nope and this is on
determines what username she used to connect a service so you do
wanna put in hey username colon password colon and then 10 tennis a permission
level you don’t have to worry about that you can google it if you want but 10 is the highest have in my most likely
full control over the torrents at your attic to that entered in hitfile safe are
found the structure at the end it is the court dot com file sorry click on it and choose Edit
looking for the whole hour remote setting I set that true by default this problem set to false the
slots allow you to connect the service ruler option change the config file pi won’t
take place until you restart the service see may have to go back to command
prompt from the same command only stop incentive start and then stop boss recesses start McCann
thing you have to do is add a firewall rule start the Windows Firewall you are
choosing inbound rules only to have to create a
couple girls here exposing myself I have three roles here so in order to add a new rule right-hand margin you choose new rule you watch your support for primary
interface for doing that TCP port and type and 8 112 that is set to fall author is actually the Westport 8112 ranches Next Next Next through this and
finish given appropriate name of course this is
a deluge weapon finish obviously repeat that process
again for the other ports heat add which is five 8846 had a difficult TCP and your DP offer only TCP is
probably required about panel computer will help
in that connection manager and delish click on the connection manager button
or edit a net connection manager click on that button to add your serve
for the first time data plan hostname I’d recommend setting
a static IP address on your host address doesn’t change and to your
username/password the ship bashed his name password that
you set in your heart file on the server there options in here on the handset such as
catching on a map on startup recommended limits options if
they’re not already enabled and then click the Connect button number preferences in areas you want to
configure here watches had it and preferences all
these paths here are actually pass on your server so my
case I don’t have an extra on local machine I do have an axe on my
server so you do wanna set up all your paths in here correctly and this is all relative to the server
the other options in here pretty standard fare for this kind of software
such as a number connections in curing and that sort of thing I can go through that on your own all
the settings actually different than the settings on the web interface you get certain each individually a test
that out gamers can call you went to website and
try telling latest version is he once we start the download it
automatically added to the list and starts telling is expected north s the web interface connectivity open a
browser and type in the IP address if your server nicole and the part number which is 8112
she competent pass for prompt the default password is to lose go ahead and enter that in
there in order to set your own password but you do want is you go into the
Preferences Unity interface there’s the password option right there player in here in to recommend you check
paths and all the other settings and make sure that they’re to your liking like I mentioned the web
interface does not share the same settings in at or after the web interface by
copying the path other torrent or a a magnet link and
pasting it into the URL space the anti-lock business net that you can actually added
over a mobile device like an iPhone or an Android as long as you’re on the same network in
order to connect this web interface or the actual service
interface across the internet you do after four
ports through your router only covering that the future video that should be a thanks for watching
founders who you know useful or helpful don’t forget to like and suscribe and
happy downloading

26 thoughts on “How to setup Deluge Thinclient and Server on Windows OS

  1. Awesome video man! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this. May have never got the thinclient up without this.

  2. Hey man, followed the instruction all the way seems like everything is working with the install, but when im in Deluge and adding the connection in the connection manager, I only get a red dot as status and cant connect, tried restart services, even rebooted server 2 times, tried to change the user/password to simple ones, still red dot, even open the port in the router to be sure, is there any difffrent settings when you install on the server from the one you use as a thinclient vs server? cant connect with none of em…

  3. This is amazing, thank you so much, this is the exact way I wanted to setup my server-client system! I found with the 3rd party plugin "Browse Button" It allowed me to select the download location for each torrent on the remote server! Bloody perfect! One issue I ran into was getting transdroid to connect, it just refuses connection, have you ever managed to get transdroid to work with this setup?

  4. Should both server and client have Classic Mode disabled? Still not working sadly

  5. have u made the video yet to connect to deluge web interface using outside of network internet connection ?
    provide the link if u have.

  6. Part 2 of this guide, portforwarding, can now be found here

  7. You pronounce deluge strange and its driving me up the wall. Good video though, thanks!

  8. In NSSM install service you only type in the directory path, and not the "deluged-debug.exe" as the official tutorial says. What gives? How can the service know which of the many exe files to use?
    My understanding was that deluged-debug.exe is better for a service than deluged.exe

  9. looked promising, but got stuck already on the NSSM part. got error:
    Unexpected status SERVICE_STOPPED in response to START control.

    i was told it would not suck

  10. What is this guide for? to remote deluge on a second pc over the same network? why not just use webgui? im thinking about to build a nas with deluge on to seed and store all my movies on.

  11. was in plain English thank you, moved from utorrent because could not get it running properly as a service, this is up and running very well, defo not as fast as utorrent was but i am assuming that is something to do with settings, will take a couple of days i am sure to figure things out.

  12. For anyone doing this and getting a "Unexpected status SERVICE_PAUSED in response to START control" message you need to remove the two services by CDing to your NSSM you aren't there and remove the services with "nssm remove deluged confirm" and "nssm remove delugeweb confirm".

    After they have been removed reinstall them as per the guide (point the path to their respective .exes and not the folder) don't create the service yet. Instead go to the process tab and UNCHECK the Console Window checkbox, then do the same for the other service and proceed as normal.

    If you do not see all of the config files (but you do see some) stop the services and restart them. "nssm stop deluged" and "nssm stop delugedweb" to stop them. And if you don't see the folder where they should be you may have pointed to a folder where NSSM/Deluge doesn't have permissions to create any new files (e.g. C:)

  13. Is there a reason as to why the web server (via browser) always pops up connection manager? any way to avoid this?

  14. Hi Installed it as said on the website and comment section, but the config files are not visible and when i start the service it says:
    Unexpected status SERVICE_STOPPED in response to START control.

    Please help!!!!!…. ASAP

  15. New deluge has different options. Could not manage to follow the video. do you have solution for the new deluge? this one has no auth file

  16. I was not exspecting a windows server as titele says "OS" not OS's. Great video thow. TY

  17. For those having troubles with "Unexpected status SERVICE_STOPPED in response to START control." error this is what I did to fix it.
    In addition to making sure the paths are correct I did something slightly different.
    Instead of copy pasting the path to the exe files, click on the button next to the field to browse to the location, then select the exe you want to launch the service from (deluged-debug.exe or deluge-web-debug.exe). This way it will also automatically fill in the "Startup Directory" box which I didn't fill in before. Filling in this startup directory seemed to fix the issue for me.

  18. you are my hero, used your tutorial several times now! Couldn't have done it without you

  19. you're computer is much higher resolution than mine, so it's impossible to read what is on your screen 🙁

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