How To Thrive in the Supply Chain Disruption Era

Hi this is Lisa Rangel with Chameleon Resumes the Premier Executive Resume Writing Company and thank you so much for joining me today Today I want to talk about how your career can not only survive but thrive in the era of supply chain disruption now it’s been a crazy couple of weeks in the market it’s been a crazy couple of weeks in business the ups the downs you know and we’ve had a lot of phone calls from you know existing clients prior clients potential prospects you know about how to handle their career with regards to what they’re seeing within their own
companies and what they’re seeing in the economic marketplace now you know I am NOT a medical expert nor am I an economist but I am someone who has been through the downturn in 2001 and the downturn in 2008-2009 and you know whether we’re coming up on an on a long term downturn or not its obviously remain to be seen but after going through those two periods and not only surviving but thriving you know being a recruiter and being a job search consultant you know I have some insight on some observations that I’ve seen things that you know I’ve seen job seekers do right things I’ve seen job seekers do wrong as well as myself you know things I’ve done wrong and things that I’ve done right that have led me to where I am today you know potentially going through what would be maybe a third cycle a third downturn cycle or you know maybe just a big blip right so, either way, I want you to be able to ride the wave and not just survive but I want you to thrive because I’m a firm believer that in chaos there’s always opportunity and I don’t say that you know to be insensitive to what’s going on in the marketplace but you know your employers are our companies you know whether you’re an entrepreneur watching this you know being concerned about your company or you’re an executive or a senior professional great about the path within your organization companies’ need people to keep things going right to keep the not only just keep the lights on but keep things going and make sure there is an employer to go to and to continue to go to you know to make an income and what not so you have to be able to be more valuable to your organization and to keep your organization again afloat and thriving is you have to face what’s going on accept it as a reality and then look for opportunities where you can you know help turn things around to not only serve you know your fellow man but then also create revenue opportunities for your organization you know in a good-spirited way I mean nothing about capitalizing you know on tragedy by any means but clearly there’s you know needs and wants in the marketplace that can be capitalized on in a in an ethical manner and if you are an executive if you are a senior professional who is able to do that and you’re able to depict that on your resume on your profile in your interview stories when you’re conducting your job search if you’re if you’re positioning yourself as someone who can you know lead an organization through what could be you know a temporary or possibly a long-term storm an employer is going to want to place their bets on you to help them through it so you know organizations are looking for formidable leaders through times like this they’re not looking for people who panic and react they’re looking for individuals who can forecast you know come up with scenario A, B, C, D… you know down the alphabet into double letters you know scenario double A double B so to speak so you know they’re looking for people who can forecast scenarios and help the organization position itself to have possibly new business models new revenue streams expanded business models expanded revenue streams in the face of tragedy that allow them to serve their fellow man and woman as well as you know benefit from it in the form of surviving and thriving through what could be in a challenging economic period we may be on the cusp of so you know that’s what I want to talk about today I want you to believe that in opportunity in chaos there can be opportunity and you need to just you know I suggest this is what I do I could try to create some quiet time which is really difficult and I don’t say that you know cavalierly in any way but you know do what you can even if it’s five to ten minutes and just really think about the ramifications within your organization, you know if you were to have if you’re in a consumer products business if your packaging you know supplier all of a sudden had to give you a two-month delay in providing you the products in which you do your packaging how would you get your product out you know goods I’m sorry material raw materials that can consist of making your products if your suppliers were to dry up for you know a short period or a long period of time what’s your plan A, B, C, D you know if you’re in a service industry that is dependent on meeting in person how are you going to facilitate you know your business ongoing you know if you’re unable to meet in person you know due to quarantine just simple fear of people not being able to or want to meet in person so you have to be able to roll with the punches you need to be able to show that there’s alternatives to doing business that you can maintain if not increase your revenue stream you know despite the challenges that are before all of us during it’s a period of time like this so you know there’s a way there are ways within each of our organizations within each of our departments to you know to capitalize on what’s going on in the marketplace you know in an ethical manner and I think that those people that are able to do this and you know those that set aside a few moments each day to think about how they’re going to do this within their organization, those are the people that not only survive but they thrive during the period of what could be supply chain disruption over the next few months so you know some economic indicators like Baron’s and Fidelity or saying gonna be temporary you know other economic indicators you know like the International Monetary Fund are saying it’s gonna be a little bit more long-term so you know it’s hard to say right nobody knows let’s be honest the experts you know some are going to be right some are going to be wrong right? it’ll be rate remain to be seen over the next few months and into next year but the bottom line is one of them will be right so the key is to be ready for both scenarios that’s what I’m a big believer in is just always be ready for the possibilities so to help you with that we are going to be having our next resume training session and I want you to just have it updated you know so I want you to attend we offer recording a temporary access to the recording for those who can’t make it so the key is to sign up get on our list get access to the training live or the recording and this way you can use the pointers in the the training session to update your document the key is to be ready for all scenarios right it’s not about being right or wrong it’s about being ready for either scenario that is the philosophy that I subscribe to so I want you to go below there and register for the next resume training session and this way you will be ready whichever way the supply chain disruption takes you and your organization you will be ready for whatever kind of you know rolls your way so thank you so much for joining me today if you think that this will help someone I’m gonna ask you to share the video with them if you liked what you heard today I’m gonna ask you to like it if you have any questions or comments please post them in the comment section below or you can email me at LR @ because I read and reply to every email and every comment so I’m grateful for you watching today and you know to keep calm and stay steady and we’re all gonna make it through this together so have a great day!

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  1. so much respect for how you have turned your own career around, and how transparent you are with the process of helping the community.

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