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Hi, I’m Bill
and welcome to Clean Care. In this episode, we’ll cover the procedure
and techniques needed to top scrub a floor. Not every floor needs a full
stripping and refinishing. In a lot of cases, a top scrub is all
that is needed to rejuvenate a floor. A top scrub will help clean the floor by removing
the uppermost layers of the floor finish. The steps are very similar to floor stripping,
but use less aggressive chemistry. As only the top layers of
floor finish are removed, this will extend the life of the floor
between refinishing cycles. This task requires a working knowledge
of a single disk floor machine. For more information, watch the
video link below. To begin you’ll need a single-disc floor machine,
floor pads, wet vacuum with wet pick up tool, dust mop, wet mop and heads,
mop bucket and wringer, scraper, small squeegee, wet floor signs, top scrubbing concentrates (such as a
neutral degreaser), a neutral detergent, buckets, and access to water. Although modern cleaning chemicals
are safer than in the past, always read and follow WHMIS
and safety guidelines and wear the appropriate personal protective
equipment as called for on the product label. First make sure to get
uninterrupted access to the area. Divide the floor
into manageable working areas. Move any furniture out of the way, clear the area that you are working on
and sweep or dust mop the entire area. Now post wet floor signs at all
entrances to the work space. Take the scrubbing concentrate
and mix it with room temperature water. Now flood the floor with the solution, never let the
solution dry onto the floor and reapply if necessary. Mount a floor pad to the pad driver and
attach it to the floor machine. If the machine has multiple speeds, use
the lower setting, around 200 rpm if possible. Now guide the machine back and forth
over the work area. Use the motion of the machine
to direct the water flow. Moving the machine to the right
will push the solution forward, and moving the machine to the left,
will pull the solution backwards towards your feet. Since many floors are laid over top concrete and might
be uneven, it’s good to make multiple passes changing direction of the machine to make sure
that all the high and low spots are covered. Once the floor is scrubbed, the next step is
to remove the slurry from the floor surface. First use a window squeegee to help pull back
the slurry from obstacles and walls. This will make it accessible to the wet back,
for an easy cleanup. Now take a wet back with a universal attachment,
adjust the blades so they are just touching the floor. Vacuum the slurry from the floor
to remove the majority of the solution. Use a clean mop and bucket and mix the neutral
detergent with room temperature water. Finally damp mop the floor and let it dry Alternatively, an automatic floor scrubber may be used
to scrub the floor and remove the slurry replacing both th single disc floor machine
and the wet vacuum. Since top scrubbing leaves the floor in a
clean but slightly dull state, the floor can be spray buffed, burnished or re-coated
with finish to achieve the desired appearance. Refer to the videos linked
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  1. Excuse me sir, u can should be wear the PPE. while using the single disc machine.

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