How to Tsunami Kick (Swing 180 Hook) | Tricking Tutorial

today I’m going to teach you how to do a
tsunami kick for the upraiz tricking curriculum first I’m gonna walk you through
the move then I’m gonna break it down to progressions to help you get it a
little bit easier let’s check it out if it’s your first time here I’m Anthony
Medina and welcome to upraiz tricking the channel it’s all about helping you build
a solid foundation for your tricking so that you can excel at the sport if you’re
not sure how to do a tsunami kick or if you’re just looking for some tips on the
move hopefully this video can help and if you have any questions for me
please feel free to leave a comment down below so I can help you out
leave a comment please I’ve been looking pretty dry lately before attempting this
move I recommend you have a swing 180 round you can click right there for a
swing 180 round tutorial basically all this move is is pop 180 hook with that
front leg starting up and since it’s a swing move we’re going to be adding a
180 turn into it so when you begin this move you’re going to start in the backside stance looking forward at your target you’re gonna step out with your
front leg and turn 180 degrees to a frontside stance and as you do this your
arms and your leg are gonna go back slightly into like a little baby eagle
position swing your arms and legs through turn and look over your shoulder
switch your legs kick and land in a backside stance or you can let your leg just
follow all the way around back to the frontside okay so progressions for this
move is pretty dope number one the first thing you’re gonna do is a hook kick
second you’re going to do a pop 180 hook kick also have a tutorial on that for
you there’s a wasp on my camera get off my camera third you’re gonna try a pop
180 hook with that front leg already starting up fourth you’re going to do the
same thing but you’re gonna bring that leg back and try to do it from here and
from there you basically have your tsunami kick just add the 180 turn into the
swing and have your tsunami kick if your kicking and kicking really isn’t your
thing start off just trying to practice it low and then as you get better and
you start stretching more and getting stronger in your legs
you can start to make that kick look higher and higher key things to focus on
it number one make sure you turn your hips a little bit right before you jump
number two try to look for your target before you actually throw your hook kick
you don’t want to do one of these we’ve all done that learning and number three make
sure you guys are keeping your toes pointed let’s check those out one more
time so that’s pretty much it for this
tutorial if you enjoyed the video please leave a thumbs up and if you want to
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become the best tricker that you can be by building a solid foundation for your
tricking so that you can excel at the sport may be awesome have you part of it
and it’d be awesome to have you with us stay motivated keep growing uprisen

12 thoughts on “How to Tsunami Kick (Swing 180 Hook) | Tricking Tutorial

  1. I don't have any questions right now but I will leave a comment

  2. Ah, so a swing is like a cheat step but you lift the opposite leg?

  3. Thank you for making these tutorials! I now always have something new to learn!

  4. My hip always hurts cus I throw a crescent kick instead of a hook :/ gotta turn my hip more!

  5. yooooo so close to 3k

    edit: CONGRATS on 3k upriaz is in the procces of building some of the next gen. of trickers

  6. I took an intro to tricking class recently and I was super lost during the kicking portion! Your videos have been helping me break the moves down and visualize them. Thanks for the help! ??

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