How to turn on Fog Lights on Mini Cooper – Mini Cooper Fog Lights

Hello everyone it’s ‘Lurgs’ here welcome to my channel and today how to turn on the fog lights on your BMW Mini. This is the
front fog lights and also the rear fog lights. This is the lovely Mini Cooper
F56 model here, before we get started there’s a link above now about the
battery location and how to check the battery on your Mini Cooper. Okay so what we’re going to do now is we’re just going to turn the headlights on, so that
is the side lights, and that is the main headlights and first of all we’re going
to turn on the rear fog light, so just push that bottom button once, and you get a warning light come up on your dashboard saying that the rear fog light
is on, and here is the rear fog light here. There is a link above now about
the fuse box location and how to check the fuses on your Mini Cooper F56. Let’s
go back to the driver seat and to turn the rear fog lights off just push that
button again and then on the dashboard that rear fog light icon will go off, so
you can just alternate it. Now let’s turn the front fog lights on and then you get
a warning light on your dashboard again saying that the front fog lights are on. And my head is feeling a little bit foggy after that video, the only thing
that’s gonna clear it is a lovely cup of tea. And after all that hard work it’s
time for a lovely cup of tea. Make sure you lock the Mini, if you found that
video useful please subscribe by pressing this button down here, I really
do appreciate you visiting my channel Guys and Girls, if you’d like to select
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