How to turn the lights on – Vauxhall Corsa D – Perrys How To

good afternoon my name is max I’m a
master technician here at Perrys today I will show you how to turn your lights
on on a 2012 Vauxhall Corsa D just showing you how to do the lights so we
have our toggle switch down here just above the right hand kick panel
initially you want to turn it to side lights and once it’s on side lights on
the instrument you can see the little green side light illuminated just here
and also it changes this to a nice amber glow if you like for headlights is the
next click nothing actually appears in here for your headlights on
but you’ll clearly see that the headlights are on now for the front fog
lamps it’s this little button here so you will press this once you’ll get a
green illumination just here for your front fog lamps for your rear fog lamps
press this once you then get an Amber just here for your hazard lights in the center
console just here as shown in there

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