How to Unlink MiLight (troubleshooting)

ok so I’m just trying the new MiLights
that I received, and so that’s how it works. Okay, to think one you have to unhook it,
put it back in and then received for 3 seconds a signal, in which time you have
to press ON once… nothing happens Let’s Un-do that… to unlink it,
(I can show you this link to channel number 1) channel number 1 switches on and off you can controll it, thats great. all the controls work fine. Switch it off… unplug it, plug it back in, and
Now this should be Un-linked Let’s try that again 1,2,3,4,5… nothing
happens. perhaps we should try faster and plug it back in 12345… nothing happens un plug it, plug it back in 12345 nothing
happened. was employed going back and doing very slowly through the second
12345 so let’s turn it off and turn everything
off your own works the sinking for second collection 1

9 thoughts on “How to Unlink MiLight (troubleshooting)

  1. Did you already found out how to unlink the controller? I have the same problem with the app and the RGBW-controller.

  2. I had the same problem with RGBW Lights. I held the power on button on for 5 sec as soon as the light turned on.

  3. Turn off the power. Then turn on power. Wait until light is on Keep the linked 1(on) button pressed long.  thats all.

  4. I am having the same issues..

    But If you leave it unplugged overnight it often looses the link

  5. got it working ..

    hold the channel on button down continuously , but after the actual light turns on, not just turn on

  6. Hi, i have got the same problem. I tested a lot of solutions. But they don't work! Any another ideas?

  7. Nothing worked for 1 bulb. Then i tried this:

    Might be some sneaky power leaking on to your socket with the switch even off. So remove
    the bulb from the socket, turn the switch on at the wall. Plug the bulb to the socket, and within 2
    seconds press the group1 on button on the remote. Dual white remote for dual white bulbs, RGBW
    remote for rgbw bulbs. Now for the App, you must sync it again separately, because the wifi bridge acts
    just like its own remote.

  8. Unlinking: First check which channel the lamp was before. If you know which channel it is. Power off the lamp and power it on. Press and hold the channel (on button) with-in 3 seconds. The bulb will flash 10 times fast and go mostly red (means its unlinked).

    Linking: Power off the lamp, Power on the lamp, and press and hold the desired channel. The lamp will flash slowly a few times, means its linked. Sometimes it goes red or green afterwards, depending what lamp you have, so that you know its linked.

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