How To Wire LED Strips – Selecting The Right Cables & Connectors

Hey guys Martin again here from SIRS-E. And today I will be introducing to you. The category of our LED Strip conductor cables
and wires. These cables and wires can be use for. Different strips and they all have different
purposes. We have the RGBW and RGBA 5 conductor cables. We also have the typical RGB 4 conductor cable. And then we also have a thicker gauge 4S6 cable
that is a 4 conductor as well. Perfect for longer runs when you are doing
your RGB stuff. We also have a very thick heavy gauge. 4 conductor cable which could also be use
for the RGB strips. If you got to do a pretty long run. Then we also have 2 conductor cables that
are good for power supplies. Or RF controllers and stuff like that. Or LED drivers that need power. Also for single color strips we got 18 gauge. And 16 gauge and we also have the new one
which is a 14 gauge. This is the heaviest one. You can probably do like 25, 30 foot run with this. Then we have our water proof connector. We got a 4 conductor water proof. We got male and female and they got this screw
down block that you use. To seal it with the other and make it really
water proof. You got the same deal have but in two conductor. Which is perfect for supplying power to the
RF controllers. Or the RF power supply and stuff like that. Then we have the solder on snap connectors. These snap connectors are good for applications. That require something that has to be taken apart Or whatever these are popular with guys that build LED suits and stuff like that We have them in two conductor which is for single color And power supplies We got the 4 connector which is for RGB. And then we also have the 5 conductor for
is for RGBA or RGB Warm White. Like I said this is an introduction to the
categories. These are all the cables. If you guys have any questions, concerns or
anything like that. Don’t forget to drop us a comment. Check out our website at Don’t forget to subscribe and thank you
all for watching!

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  1. how would i go about cutting 2 Led strips and then putting some sort of extension wire between them (carries the signal but there are no lights)

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