How Wildfires Spread

I’m surrounded by mother nature’s beauty. This mountainside is a prime location that provides Breathtaking views but all these trees all this dry vegetation Unfortunately increases a fire danger and as the climate warms The danger is only getting worse now wildfire season has become a year-long threat burning twice Iria now than in 1970 it’s true that these fires they can reinvigorate nature, but when they flare up in populated areas They all too often lead to total destruction now of course weather plays a huge role on how Explosive a wildfire can be and over the past few decades the climate over the western US Has become more conducive for wildfires with overall warmer drier weather like where I am today? The overgrown brush has dried out from the lack of rain Leaving plenty of available fuel to burn the air is hot and extremely dry with dew points in the teens With winds getting stronger now believe it or not more than 80% of wildfires start because of human activity often It’s a straight ember from an unattended campfire or a tossed cigarette that can ignite a firestorm And it doesn’t take much and can spread it quickly Now climate trends warn that these fires will continue to be more intense And burn longer than just a few decades ago Now the smoke itself is hot and racist high into the sky becoming visible for a mile So let’s get above that smoke for a better view Unfortunately, the strong winds are really giving these flames of life. In fact by the looks of it this fire is spreading at ludicrous speeds and becoming in a stoppable firestorm fires like this one can consume up to a football field every Second just like the Thomas fire did in December of 2017 and since heat rises Fires travel faster as they move uphill Wind can also push embers downwind and start new fires This is known as spotting putting homes on the mountainside in great danger wildfires concerned Into nearly unstoppable Raging inferno with temperatures reaching over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit winds carry the thick smoke for miles turning day into Night and making it difficult to breathe If you live in a wild fire prone area be sure you and your family had a plan of action Residence could have a few hours – only a few minutes to escape to safety now Hopefully your neighborhood will never be in the path of a wildfire like this one but the frequency and size of the extreme fire disasters has increased as the average temperature rises and Seems like this Could become a frightening new reality

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  1. 0:59 – These people need to be found and prosecuted for manslaughter.

  2. Ok so Evan tho it’s prob a 1,000,000 dollar thing just get grey circle makes a good house that made of bedrock

  3. You very carefully failed to mention the role that cutting back on prescribed burns due to draconian environmental laws in California plays. Doesn’t fit the global warming—or excuse me, “climate change”—narrative you so relentlessly push.

  4. “…and in other NEWS California takes down HAM radio towers, turns off Power to 800,000 Citizens/Illegals waiting for Fire to break ou…..wait Come again John? …Oh just got word California is now on fire. Whew they prepared just in time! ..”

  5. Subtitles: "Now the smoke itself is hot and racist high into the sky becoming visible for a mile"

  6. turns on captions

    1:23 : “Now the smoke itself is hot and racist high into the sky becoming visible for a mile*

    Me: what-

  7. Instead of teaching us how to prepare they should just distribute magic circles

  8. This is mankind created judgment day and its happening in California as of now

  9. This happened one time to me and it was from a bush,even though it was a bush there was a huge smoke cloud.

  10. Starts out being a climate issue but then it's aweather issue? Increases in population and the accompanying irresponsible human activity are the cause of wild fires..

  11. Bro she’s gonna survive climate change she can breath C02 and can survive in high temperatures

  12. The weather channel: why have we been losing so much money?
    Vfx guy: sips tea

  13. You know you're watching a video that caters Americans when you see that football fields starts to become unit of measurements.

  14. Puts in perspective of what firefighters fighting wild fires actually go through

  15. anyone remember the episode of sponge bob where the circle protects him and Patrick?


  16. I thought the gray circle is supposed to protect us from everything, even liberal agenda

  17. Budget guy: “yo where tf did our budget go?”

    CGI team: sips beer “good question, chief”

  18. Are you really a weather channel or just bragging your Hollywood kind of effects thingy?

  19. Ah, The grey circle back at it again saving the lives of those who stand on it.

  20. Listen really carefully. The climate IS NOT WARMING. Stop the propaganda. ALL of our weather is produced from…..wait for it…..THE SUN.

  21. I really like weather channel on how it shows weather things even my niece likes this everytime this shows up videos like this that explain the weather and stuff

  22. 2:29 Hopefully your neighborhood will never be in the path of a wildfire like this one…
    Up until a few weeks ago it wasn't, but then the Kincade fire happened. My house didn't burn fortunately

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