13 thoughts on “Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: “River Cottage Much More Veg” | Talks at Google

  1. heyr heyr, coming from a fellow chef, and a true meat eater (I can eat pounds of meat alone, without sauces, blue and bloody is just fine)
    I still love having vegstebales and they are underused.

  2. As he ages he'll go raw wholefood grain-free vegan eventually, the health benefits are irrefutable, and if he does it soon enough he'll get increase testosterone, and if he combines that with intermittent fasting, 2000% increased human growth hormone, will look naturally buff, and will likely start running and working out from the insane amounts of energy.

  3. why no more river cottage program in AFC…i really enjoy watch this program..its really educating…. ):

  4. This is a show on the bye gone era with Pam the Jam, the country fetes, and Englishness, it is reported that his worth which he will not disclose but is estimated at £2.9 million, and his total estate at 13.8 Million, has the cheek to say to people in inner cities, about the preciousness of having organic, and free range. People are struggling here even the employed, nurses, and the like going to food banks. Whilst he is shooting Pigeons, for free and making Indian pocket pittas and charging people for the free meet he has shot. In all the event he mainly cooks Indian or Asian food, but no Indians are invited.

  5. hugh is awesome. its great to see people finally making a big push to try and help the planet!!

  6. @ 26:00 he talks about getting the roast characteristics on veggies as on 'roots' -but back in August 2017 Dr Gregor also makes it clear that recent research leads professionals to seriously caution roasting 'starchy veggie' beyond that golden brown threshold because of this nasty compound produced, have a watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk2JMT3EvA8

  7. Hugh I found it difficult to contact U regarding obesity u seem to show that senior citizens are overweight which most are but what about us who keep fit in a attempt to keep healthy I am 78 go to gym 7 times a week not everyone is able but most can Liz wailes

  8. I cannot stand this host. Why is she centering many of these questions around herself, it's making me cringe.

  9. I dig Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, and I've seen every episode of 'A Cook On The Wild Side' and 'River Cottage' so many times it's ridiculous! 😀 BUT: the best thing most people can do for their physical and mental health, is to AVOID ALL PLANTS, including vegetables, fruit and grains. The Carnivore Diet actually works. I thought it was insane before I tried it myself, but I'm losing fat-weight, my bloodwork is better than ever, my "chronic" sinus inflammation is gone, my energy and mood is way up, my joint-aches are gone, as well as my back-pain, and for the first time in about 35 years my irritable bowel problems are gone, and I don't have to dread going on the can anymore! 🙂

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