Humber Learning Outcomes

[river stream] [♪ indigenous drumming & singing] Humber is uniquely situated along the Humber
River Watershed. Much like the river itself, our students and graduates
become connectors to build a strong ecosystem of individuals and communities,
locally and globally. Future-focused skills empower graduates to build equitable
and sustainable solutions. These graduate attributes come together as
Humber Learning Outcomes. Developed by Humber in partnership with industry
and community, the HLOs support our students to become career-ready
citizens and differentiate our graduates. At Humber, we nurture Three Key Mindsets that are
foundational to the well-being and prosperity of individuals and communities. These mindsets are: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability, Systems Thinking. Critical thinking is the meta-skill that mobilizes our
Skills in Action – the practical tools needed for learning, work and life. Collaboration, Communication, Digital Fluency, Innovation, Leadership, Professionalism, Strategic Problem-Solving. To be ready for the future of work in an increasingly
complex world, the Humber Learning Outcomes contribute to our students’
transformational learning experience, preparing them to navigate the world with intention. Collectively, our actions ripple outward to lead
positive change. [river stream] [♪ music rises] [♪ music fades]

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