Hundreds reported missing, several dead in Laos following hydro-power dam collapse

Turning to a tragic disaster in Southeast
Asia that appears to have wiped out entire communities. A hydroelectric dam,… under construction
in Laos by a joint venture comprising of South Korea’s SK Engineering & Construction,…
has collapsed. The dam failure caused massive flooding,…
leaving several dead and hundreds unaccounted for. SK E&C is joining rescue operations to help
those left stranded by the disaster. Kim Hyo-sun reports. Hundreds of people are reported missing in
southern Laos after a hydro-power dam which was under construction collapsed Monday evening,…
leading to flash floods that swept away six nearby villages. The ( – ) Xepian-Xe Nam Noy hydropower plant
in Attapeu province, in southeast of the country,… was being built by a joint venture comprising
South Korea’s SK Engineering and Construction and its partners from Laos and Thailand, and
was expected to go into full operation next year. Several people have been reported dead,…
while over six thousand have been displaced. While initial media reports say one of the
dams under construction collapsed,… the Korean builder said it’s checking to see whether
the dam actually broke or if it was swept over by heavy rainfall that hit the region
recently. “We’ve seen some really heavy rainfall here
recently. One of the five auxiliary dams failed due
to a massive buildup of rainwater.” SK E&C says it’s supporting the local government’s
rescue operations by establishing a crisis management team to respond quickly to the
disaster and dispatching Thailand-based helicopters to rescue stranded people. Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

36 thoughts on “Hundreds reported missing, several dead in Laos following hydro-power dam collapse

  1. you can't blame heavy rain for the collapse! What kind of engineering is it? you build the damp and wish there was no heavy rain?

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  3. built by Korean construction company and some Lao corrupted company with low quality and un responsibility for people lifes.

  4. Another disaster which was caused by Korean company. Why don't people learn? You should never ever order the construction of the social infrastructure to Korean company. It may be cheaper, however, you will risk your own life.

  5. So sad to see so many innocent people lost their lives in this disaster. After all, this dam was financially supported by China to power its high speed train in the future to serve China's one road-one belt expansionism. Sadly, hundreds of innocent Laotians had to sacrifice their lives for China's stupid expansionism.

  6. A bridge is being made in Turkey but is korean sk OK?
    The bridge in Palau korean made was rotted LOL

  7. My heart , prayers and condolences to victims and victims family 🕯📖🕯

  8. Don't mess other nation.
    Typical Korean low skill company as always.
    S Koreans don't have any sense of shame.
    So Shameless liar S Koreans don't take any responsibility
    due to defend themselves.
    It should be common sense of the world.

  9. I have just see the lay out. This project did not provide the water distribution from the dam. The project have much impact to the people life. This is not the responsible project. Stop it!

  10. ໃນອາເມລິກາ, ຂະໂມຍເຮັດວຽກໃນຫ້ອງການ.ພວກເຂົາເອີ້ນຕົວເອງວ່າລັດຖະບານທີ່ແທ້ຈິງ. ໃນລາວ, ຄອມມູນິດລັກບ້ານເຮືອນປະຊາຊົນເນື່ອງຈາກວ່າການກໍ່ສ້າງເຂື່ອນສໍາລັບຜົນສໍາເລັດຂອງຂະໂມຍຕາເວັນຕົກ, ຜ່ານ Siam. ພວກເຂົາເຈົ້າກໍເປັນຂະໂມຍດຽວກັນ, ຈາກປະເທດອັງກິດ, ປະເທດຝຣັ່ງແລະອາເມລິກາ..

  11. Any countries that don't eat Diary Products, should NOT be allowed to build DAM period. They don't know the Water/Liquid power/Weight.

    Watch out for Super DAM Collapse in Lao PDR, from Dec 2018 to early Jan, 2019. Lao's Destiny says so.

    Don't Pray, Don't do any ceremony. Religions are men's disease. God expects you to use your Brains He gave you.

    Can your Buddha/Preacher change Lao destiny? No, no one except God and us. We sent you warning message in march-April 2018.

    Why did you VT TIMES Delete it? You dream that you are getting rich too fast didn't you?

  12. ລະວັງ Super DAM Collapse ໃນສ. ປ. ປ. ລາວ, ຈາກ Dec 2018 to ຕົ້ນ Jan, 2019. ຈຸດຫມາຍປາຍທາງສ.ປ.ປ ລາວເວົ້າວ່າດັ່ງນັ້ນ.ບໍ່ເປັນການສາບແຊ່ງ, ເຮັດໃຫ້ຖືກຕ້ອງ.ໃຊ້​ສະ​ຫມອງ​ຂອງ​ເຈົ້າ.

    Don't pray, don't do any ceremony, All Religions are men disease. Use your brain God gave to you. Only God and we can change your destiny for you. We can prove "you caused the binding of bad luck, Not God". VT TIMES you are too arrogant by deleting our March-April Warning we sent to you. Your Australia Ambassador didn't delete it, but you VT TIMES are too stupid. You knew Lao Presidents, why didn't you pass our warning messages to them?

  13. the korean(the south) are irresponsible as what they did in ship(SEWOL) sank.blessing for Laos

  14. 53 of the korean employees all fled before the collapse ! what fucken asshole koreans are, same shit with the Sewol Ferry flip over…….the captain escapes 1st ! FUCKEN KOREANS are SATANISTS !!!!!!!!!! GOTO HELL KOREANS !!!!!!!

    The bridge which Korea built of Palau collapsed. Japanese KAJIMA CORPORATION built it by ODA.

  16. Sampoong department collapse is the marvel of Korean engineering

  17. I will introduce Japanese proverb.
    ”Eventually, you will lose money if you buy cheap items."
    Laos chose cheap dam, so it was happened.
    That's all. There is a reason the cheap items.

  18. Japanese company has lost to the construction of the dam in Laos. SK in Korea won.
    SK's one was 1/3. Laos was chose cheap one.That's all. Cheap is the best????

  19. Prayers for these dear families. And shame on the drivers who put so many in harm's way.

  20. Don't trust any shameless liar S Korean.
    This is the most important lesson for you to avoid troubles.
    Keep on your mind deeply.

  21. Sneaky Koreans destroy the beautiful country and murdered many innocent Laotians.
    Shameless Koreans must be accused for the unskillful Dam construction and pay the huge compensation to miserable victim.

  22. This is Bullshit..This should not have happened..bloody greedy self-centred barstards who don’t give a shit about people’s lives. Especially the very poor..makes me feel sick ..they should be placed in a firing squad that can send them to Hell ASAP as that’s the only place they’ll end up anyway

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