Hunting/fishing in the river into the hilly site of Nepal (FISHING TRAP-1 )

Villagers are talking about current political situation the country ( Nepal) After getting permission from village community , now we are ready to go towards river Today,Laptu Man Rai is leading us and he is senior member of this community We will show a Nepali traditional way of fishing Ok Let’s go ( funny fishing song ) … catch the fishes pickle for today Fish will be mixed with alcohol … ( start fishing process ) Now, We are going to turn this water ( duwali parkaunu ) He is Mna kumar , he is my brother in low And he is trying break this stone We will turn the water from this left side and we will catch the fishes of this side ( putting grass wall down to make stay fishes around there) Hello…Not perfect, still water leaking down .. Now, i catch fish here boys ok brother yep there …there catch Hey, it escapes .. Fish …fish we got a fish Brother… let’s go for another TRAP

100 thoughts on “Hunting/fishing in the river into the hilly site of Nepal (FISHING TRAP-1 )

  1. hoitt pahad gauko yaad aayoo …hame poni gayenthyoi hou yasare maxaa marnna….

  2. nepal such beautiful place on earth. hey i am from india uttar pradesh varanasi

  3. Paaa chuttai prajati ko bheguta only found in high altitude I am from sankhuwasava and yo paaa ko khutta kaichi bhnda dharil0 huncha ani yo khayo bhane ausadhi plus edi hamro fila ma ghau xa vane superglue jastai tasxA

  4. अनिकी टन्नै चेपा पो माऋएछ त हौ राम्रो किसिमले 😂😂

  5. In the name of hunting fishing they are destroying the nature.. What the hell is this..??

  6. Greetings from USA. Please add english SUBS and then I will subscribe… I use to worm in Doha, Qatar with many nepalese. The only female nepalese was good looking. Her name was Kusum… Offcourse she began to eat alot when she got there and put a few pounds… Wonder what she might be doing nowadays… She did marry another nepalese when I was there unfortunately.

  7. Waste of time and energy, use this time and energy to work somewhere and buy 10 times more fishes then they caught

  8. Idiot people..for the sake of one time catching they breaking all natural form of the river and falls…mindless …

  9. Idiots blocking the river path to cause flooding and catching small fish to destroy further breeding …. what a shame … have some sense …

  10. Vegetarian ra Cow worshiper haru naherda huncha hai… Hami ta Hunter&Gatherer hum, Kishan Kheti Pati ta Bhau(vegetarian) le sikako ho… Hami lai ta maacha, paaha, cow, janwaar haru marnu daar lagdaina, kina ki hami Non-Veg ho.

  11. खा माछा मोज्जा ले रक्सी सङ्ग

  12. Yaar Maccha Lai Machha Nai Bhannu Tara Yo manchhe Haru le Bhekuta Kina Pakre ko Hola ma Ghirna Garnu ta sakdina kina ki khane le khai sakyo ha hami kina ghirna garnu tara bhekuta chahi na khanu maile aaj samma kahile nepal ma bhekuta khane manchhe dekhe ko thiyena tara yo video ko marfat baat thaha payeee😷😷😷😷😷

  13. हैन माछा पनि खोला जस्तै सानो सानो मत्रै येस्तो video पनि के you tube मा हाल्नु हो साथीहरू अलि ठुलो खोला छैन र

  14. माछा माछा भ्यागुतो…..टीका …. यहाँ मेरो सुर्ती ले ……भेनाले सुर्ती नखाई फुर्ती देखा उन्न्न

  15. The level of energy/labor input n the out come is not proportional😂 btw I love the scenes n the technique. Much better than netting in the big ocean or ponds. Moreover, those river/stream products are far better than those of ocean/sea/lakes. Be it a fish/crab/prones. Vitamin A-Z 😂😉

  16. लु बुबु निछा चि सारै ङ्गे खोप्ता ओनै गाउँ घरको सारै याद दिलाउनु भो

  17. another fishing video …

  18. I really like ND miss my frz we r also doing same like this ✨🌟💗🌟💜🌟✨

  19. Kun thaaun ko ho saathi yo video?
    Bhakharai haami le pani Duwaali farkaayera maareko thiyon maachha.

  20. कून जाति रैछा भ्यागूता खाने छिछिछिछि

  21. Hoit jamana ma hamile pani esari duwali thunera machha mareko yaad tajai banaidiyo..

  22. Best video.. Jay nepal. Proud of nepal and all nepalese and our culture.

  23. बिचरा माछा को बच्चालाई पनि नछोडेको…..भ्यागुता रहेछ सबै😃😃😃

  24. Duwali farkayesee Kali jhar pitera halnu parxa aafai maxa bahira aauxa dhunga paltaunai pardaina

  25. Lots of hard work but less reward… Still I enjoy watching..

  26. एक एक पिस त पुग्यो होलानि😍

  27. सारै राम्रो भिडियो हाम्रो गाउँ घरको

  28. Woow good 👍👍
    friend Don't forget to stop by my channel thanks.

  29. भेना बुडो भयो के समात्न सक्दैन हो

  30. Asale machha raixa . Maile pani mareko xu hai asari. Sarai ramailo po hunxa ta asari sathi vai sanga marna jada

  31. Nepalese who settle in and around our community are different ..this nepalese looks like Naga's…Mongolian

  32. I miss my childhood days….we used to do the same way but we give a name "tui thliar kang" in mizoram

  33. यो दिन कहाँ आउला अब फर्किएर बाल्ले काल एसरिनै बितेका थिए

  34. yasari po ho macha marne tarika.dowali thunne.jaal hanne bahek aru bish, haalne, corrent laaune, bomb hanne, lai gaaunle haru le pani roknu parxa.sarkar le pani yasma naya kaanoon lyaunuparxa.local machaako samraxan garaun.

  35. Sabai ley birds ra animal marda plz dont kill them bhancha, fish marda chai kei bhandina so weired.. as its all the same. M not saying they r wrong…. just like we cant stop fish population even when we do fishing its same with birds n animal. We dnt kill that many to stop its population.. u have kill millions n everday to make its population extint.. killing for food is like burying fish or meat at the market… but KILING FOR PLEASURE N FUN IS WRONG… cheers. #godbless

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