Hurricane Causes Our Creek to Flood And Turn Into a Bay

so we were recently visited by a storm called
Hurricane Irma. I went ahead and I documented the storm the
best I could from our vantage point here in northeast Florida and I wanted to provide
some perspective of what that was like. I went ahead and started making preparations
well before the storm was an obvious threat to the region. I made a list of things I thought I should
do, things I should get, things that we might want to considerer doing if we have to leave
and all those kind of things. I even went ahead and tried to forecast which
way the strongest winds might affect our house. Getting everything ready that I can I am just
going to show you some of the things that I have that I think are necessary and that
will help get through any down time we might have with the storm. so let me show you what I got. Small Wall AC Unit, doesn’t use too much power. I have a small generator that will produce
enough power but yet be fuel efficient, um we got a decent supply of fuel, I am guessing
that will get me a solid week. this is non-potable water for flushing toilets
and cleaning and things like that. another canister here. Do have some plywood incase I want to board
up a few more windows. So that is the jist, um have some more prepping
to do and then the storm is going to be here Sunday night Monday morning and uh hopping
for the best. South Florida, the whole state is really under
the gun for this. Godspeed south Florida. So we started feeling the effects of this
storm early Monday morning. And obviously we had some high winds but what
got my attention real quick, once it got light enough to see outside, I looked out my back
window and noticed that our back yard had literally turned into a bay. We live on a little creek here and the water
level had surged significantly. We did not anticipate this at all, so that
was, that was an eye opener and a little nerve racking because if the water continued to
come up it could have been an issue for our home. the water was so high it was literally probably
at least 3 feet higher then the height of our dock itself. So the dock was completely covered you could
not see it at all. It was pretty freakish. what’s kind of interesting we had our leftover
geese, by leftover geese I mean the geese that have not migrated back north. They seemed to fair well in these high winds
they literally would just kind of turn themselves into the gust and then pick at the grass when
they wanted to. So they didn’t seem too concerned. Later into the morning, early afternoon the
winds started to die down quite a bit. And as the winds continued to die down the
surge in the back behind the house started subsiding as well. Myself and my neighbor, went ahead and took
some kayaks out to kind of investigate the creek behind our houses it was still very
high. The water still so high we could literally
kayak over the docks meaning we would have the kayaks paddling over the docks, they would
be under us underwater. Very Very Freaky to be able to do that. We were very fortunate we had very minimal
damage, just mainly some yard clean-up to take care of and that was no big deal. Unfortunately this storm was a much harder
impact on many other people, and they are going to be dealing with cleaning up, repairing,
and doing whatever they need to do for some time now. One thing I want to touch on, is how fortunate
I think we are for where we live. this storm literally impacted the entire state
of Florida so utilities and everything were just wiped out all over the place. And the fact that we have the infrastructure,
the man power to come in and to get utilities back up so fast to most people is just really,
really, amazing and something we all need to be grateful for. Alright last little bit of cleanup for me
a downed tree, unfortunately my chainsaw in down so I am doing to do it with a handsaw. Alright so
that took quite a bit of effort using a hand saw, and hat why I am going to leave the rest
of the stump there and with that my hurricane clean-up is done. And one little perk of this little mission
was I found out half way through cutting that I was standing in a poison Ivy vine, so I
am looking forward to see what happens in the next couple days. So with that thanks for watching, I am Joe

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