Hurricane Season Preparedness Tips from Fort Bend County Judge KP George

Hello, I’m Fort Bend County Judge KP George. Even when there is no active hurricane threat
to Fort Bend County, you can take many steps to be prepared. First, start making a habit of keeping your
gas tanks full during Hurricane Season. As many of you know, during a storm, long
lines build up at gas stations and you see stalled vehicles along evacuation routes. This simple habit of keeping your tanks full
can save you hassle and money if a storm threatens our area. Second, call your insurance agent to ask about
flood insurance; if you live outside a floodplain it can as cheap as a couple dollars a day. Also ask about which documents you would need
to start any claim, then secure those documents in a waterproof bag in an easy-to-reach place
in case of an evacuation. Third, consider building a kit for evacuating
or staying; even a modest collection of basic supplies can help you a lot if a hurricane
hits the County. You can see instructions on building a kit
at Finally, it takes just minutes to sign up
for FBC Alerts by texting FBCALERT to 888777, or signing up at Small actions taken today can mean faster
recovery after a disaster. Take these steps now. Thank you, and stay safe.

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