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Hey, What’s going on guys. SSundee here and dudes, this is a different type of video. You can tell by the title. This is a different style of video. Russell, you guys know russell my Editor, Russell edit in some sad music and I’m just kidding all joking aside dudes listen you guys have probably heard on the news on Twitter, Texas Houston They’re getting smashed right now by Hurricane harvey. They are Endless amounts of flooding so before we get into this video before we get into the gameplay Listen I’m Gonna Put in the description of this video uh maybe a link or two that if you guys have extra spare change extra money extra Allowance I Go down to those links drop his donation to those guys. I’m not gonna. You know I’m not Gonna be like other Youtubers And add up a total of how much money I’ve accumulated with you guys and like say hey look I’ve raised $50,000 of donation money look at me. I’m awesome Just go down click the links if you have extra money donate to help the people down in Texas They’re not having a good time right now. So yeah, that’ll be down in the description and Yeah, so what we’re gonna be doing today as you can see I’m playing a game called City Skylines What we’re gonna be doing this game is a city Simulation you build the city you care for your citizens all the above so what we’re gonna be doing today They added in a recent expansion called natural disasters, and I’m not trying. I’m not trying to offend anybody with this I just want to look at in a game sense What houston is kind of going through cuz I’ve never lived through anything like this. I’ve never lived through Like I go through hurricanes. I live in the south we get hit by hurricanes all the time But it’s nothing to this extent that Houston has lived through so I want to see what this is like I want to shed some light on maybe what Houston is some what living through it does not look fun So what I’m gonna do let’s go to the steam. Workshop if we go to save game Yeah, there we go. We can search for other cities that people have built let’s look for You didn’t, Houston, Texas Okay, so somebody Remade Houston right here I kinda they said, so this is a remake of Houston in the game and again I mean No offense to anybody. I just want to look at I want to use some of these disasters in this game to kind of recreate What houston is somewhat going through and again? I mean no offense. I just want to look at you know I want to shed some light since I a lot of us haven’t lived through anything like this I I know this is only a game But we can get a small sense of what this looks like so let’s go to hue stoke a there We go autosave load game. We’re going into Houston now again. I mean no offense dudes This is this is just a shed light and also like I said I’m gonna put a link in the description if you want to donate to hugh’s there to Texas donate Maybe fema or something like that if you have extra money laying around do that show show some love down there guys they are not going through a good time right now and Yes, okay, so we’re doing this now loading up. Yeah here. We go. So here’s houston now I don’t know if This is an exact replica Of a co2 let me pull up a map of Houston, so here’s Texas right here if we zoom in on Houston Okay, so there’s houston. I think Houston has been hit the worst out of, Texas I’m pretty sure like they are all underwater, okay? So here’s the trinity Bay Galveston bay the gulf of Mexico down here. Okay, so let me bring up the game now All right, let me little bit. Let me zoom over here. Okay. I’m trying to get a good view of it. Let me hit Tab Okay So I’m trying to see so there’s a over here. There’s a small. There’s an Island down here. Let’s see if we can see that down here Maybe they’re trying to recreate so there’s what I let’s find houston okay, so this is league City right here And if we look at the map yeah there’s leake City there right below Houston Okay, so it’s not a the exact replica of Houston, but it’s pretty close We got all we got all the water surrounding everything and I kind of just want to look at what it would be like to live in an area like this when a huge disaster hits like check this out I can go into first person mode and zoom all the way down To street view look at this. I am an actual Citizen just like these guys and we can look at what it would feel like to live in a city where a huge natural Disaster hits and I can do so I’m not making light of this situation. I just want to look at it I want to see I wanna I guess somewhat feel what these people down in the south are feeling it can’t be fun Getting hit with a cue by a huge hurricane like this Dudes this has to be intense so okay. Let’s look at this what I’m gonna do let me zoom back out Let me zoom back out on the the entirety of the city let’s look at I need to fix up a lot of this because there’s a lot of There’s a lot of places not connected with power, and there’s not a lot of water So let me fix this up really quick again. You guys probably haven’t seen me play this game yet So let me go ahead. Let me fix this up and Let me get this city in working order a little bit so all of these blue buildings here They have electricity but these buildings over here that a red don’t so me. Go ahead let me uh power lines there and I needed to connect these power lines ah Whoever built this city did a horrible job. Oh what the crap are they thinking okay? So that’s connected Janna people are like these water these people don’t have water so I needed to connect Water lines to this there. We go. Okay anybody else with no water Looks like everybody has water Okay, hopefully this works now. Let’s hit play and these guys should have electricity Now well these people don’t have electricity who built this city What the heck hold on let me fix this give me a minute So let’s add some more water pumps Down here in the water today to bring more water to the sea because if you look in the top left The water availability is in the red, whoever built this city did a horrible job. Well we gotta fix this crap Okay, so let’s add some more water down aw crap. I just broke a power line app That can’t be good. Well, let’s add some more water pumps there. We go then we have to connect all these water pumps to The water system all these water lines down here is the water system that flows throughout the city Okay, let’s connect all of these there we go. So we got the fresh water pumps here all Going and then down here. I word. I place them yeah down here at the Beach We have all the poo pumps this is pumping out all the poo and throwing it in the ocean Freakin America, okay So it should be good now all these people like all these red buildings mean they don’t have power these people have power It should be fixed now You can see all the power in the water systems hold on okay hold on let’s put let’s hit play. It should fix There we go, everybody’s got water and they hit wait, okay electricity wait. You don’t have water oh Sewage wait hold on is it fixed ah? Okay, it’s fixed I think Yeah If you look at the top left they have water and they have soot shuttle let’s add more sewage pumps and more sewage pump these people crap a lot apparently Again dudes don’t take my laughter as making light of the the hurricane harvey situation I’m just I’m just having fun at the same time. I just I don’t know if just you know I’m not trying to make light of it. Just keep that in mind all right so what I’m doing now I’m placing around the city just to fix this thing up, whoever built this thing is horrible. I’m placing Hospitals all over the place like if you see here There’s no hospitals as soon as I put one down everything lights up green and look at this yeah, everyone’s happy there We go okay, so let’s place another hospital up there Place another one there let’s just place hospitals everywhere along throughout this day We also have to place like if you see here these build are piling up with trash We got crap everywhere going wrong. Let me fix this up. We’re gonna Place hospitals. We’re Gonna place Yeah, look at this whenever I hit the fire tab the fire Station all of these red buildings mean they could catch on fire at any second and there are no fire stations to help Let’s place the fire stations everywhere Holy Crap, whoever built this City has no clue what they’re doing. Yeah, like check this out all of these buildings are red I throw down a fire station there and watch the red buildings They’re gonna turn blue look at that That’s so satisfying to watch to see all of the abilities turn blue. I like that okay Let’s keep placing these down, so I think the City’s good enough That’s the best I could do I put hospitals everywhere fire stations police stations Everywhere so so here are all the disasters. We have a tornado What is we have an earthquake? Oh good Lord? We have the sinkhole a thunderstorm a forest fire a collapse Buildings collapse we have a normal fire the to the tsUnami the – tSunami and the meteor strike So I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna do hon. Let me go. Let me go down to Street level Let’s run around the street a little bit. Let’s see how this actually looks down here Yeah, look at this we can go down to the street level just like this and we can go out and look at the water and Now check this out So I think what I’m gonna have to do because we there there are no like mass rain or Mass hurricane options out Here I’m going to put put a tSUnami that starts out here And this is just gonna give the I guess the simulation of Mass flooding throughout the cities So let’s go ahead. Let’s pump this up to a severity of Seven right let’s throw the tsUnami right here Okay, there we go So that’s gonna start conjuring up while we wait for that to go because that takes a while to get going We’re gonna do a meteor strike in the middle of the water right here which should create waves Which cause flooding in this city over here right? So I’m gonna do let’s do a severity of 10 meteor rate there Okay, and again guys. I’m not making light of the houston or the Texas situation. I’m just trying to simulate What it’s like in a game down there just so you know you don’t really know what anybody’s going through unless you’ve went through it Yourself and I get it. This is only a game So I don’t know. I’m just I don’t know I’m just trying to See what it’s like. I’ve never lived anything like this, so let’s go down here to this view overlooking the water down here right and if we activate The time there we go the time is going now. Yeah, we could see people riding on bikes going by the disaster Should hit soon that meteor. Which is Gonna cause a massive wave Coming up this way. This is gonna be intense. We got the Billy’s the nice looking buildings over here and Then away all dude. I’m sorry old man. Huh, okay here we go So the meteor should be coming down any second right out there. I just Imagine this this is my house right next to the water and I’m on the balcony right now Yeah, here we go Here comes the meteor now. This is not practical I’m just trying to recreate a massive flood of water coming into a city to see the actual damages. Yeah look at this This is not practical we probably will never see a meteor in our lifetimes, but here we go Look at this so I’m sitting on my balcony and look at that Well, let’s see if the wave again That is not practical but keep in mind like whatever a hurricane or a storm comes in if you live on the coast The the Hurricane and the storms create a lot of activity in the Ocean which causes massive waves Breaks levees all the love and it’s it’s not good that’s similar to what Houston is feeling similar to what Louisiana fell during Katrina massives look at this Look at this wave Look at this look at the the cars the cars just full it just overtook my balcony and That was a smallish wave It’s it’s taking out all of these cars down here All of these cars are ran into the bill that’s what these waves. Do they’re so strong They just they shove our cars every which way that is insane and That’s a small scale of what Houston is feeling granted. It’s not an exam prep Representation, but it’s a general idea inside of a game. What actually happens That’s insane. That is actually crazy what I want to see how this uh the tSUnami is going back here guys I think the tsUnami is incoming Look at this it is a massive wave look at this wave hold on let me go to First-person view let me go to First-person view go down hit Tab and then get down to the ground level Look at that Again keep in mind this isn’t exactly what a hurricane is But it’s just a simulation of large amounts of water Entering a city and not being able to filter out through the sewage system fast enough, so look at this Look at our drainages are issuing a thunderstorm warning for the coming days? Citizens are advised to stay indoors The coast guard is warning of a tSUNami approaching the area Residents should avoid roads and water fronts the tsUnami has struck the city Take caution and avoid roads and water fronts until the water recedes Look at this Look at this a thunderstorm is battering the City stay indoors. We’ll get the door the vehicles Well, let me get down to the ground level so I’m over here at my house Oh, I’m lagging like crazy, so I’m over here at my house. I walk out the front door of my house Look, right Oh my gosh That is insane granted this is A tsunami did not hit, Texas Houston But the amount of water that came in like houses are completely underwater from the from the pictures that I’ve seen Dudes that it’s nuts listen. I’m Gonna end this video here again I’ll put a link in the description guys if you have any extra money laying around I’m gonna be donating to I guess it’s fema maybe I’m gonna be donating for down in Houston down in Texas you can do the same if you have extra money, but yeah This is insane if you guys have enjoyed hit the like button down below also hit the subscribe button on notifications I’ll be commenting interacting with you guys down in the comments. Let me know you subscribed Dude, this is nuts the destruction That’s crazy. We’ll see you dudes next time

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