Hurry!!!! Dam the Creek – Stop the Erosion

this meadow is getting eroded really
really bad and I’ll show you oh get clips of that and he went got a grant to
fix this and stop this erosion so what we’re going to be doing is we’re going
to build a series of five five incremental dams up this Creek it’s all
been engineered by NRCS they’ve been very cooperative and very helpful so
we’re pretty much going to follow their plan obviously all the engineering and
Tom and I are going to build some dams it’ll be a good project and going on three trees were dropped drawn here from
the bud kill and there’s some stumps here and I still have one more tree I’m
going to skid out over there I’ve already got it kind of started got these
two big trees out laying over there that’s fine it’s gonna be part of the
dam we’re gonna use our cedar logs for the dams that’s the plan the pine ones
just won’t last very long there’s running water a little bit still a
little bit it’s mostly from a spring up the hill we’ll start here and get our
dam in now you can see down here in the creek this is another dam location we’ve
marked it with stakes of along the way here these are approximate locations and
we’ll shoot the level of the dam in and shoot shoot this with a transit of where
Lindex dam needs to be in height after we get our base dam in and we’re gonna
work way up the drainage these are all logs we’ll be using to build the dams
yeah I had to do a little a little bit of cutting these logs they were Oh
5060 feet long and tried to get him out of the creek with all their branches a
little tough I’m using a steel o46 32 inch bar on here
a little older but I’ve had quite a while but wonderful saw and I’m all
hitched up here with my tractor and will skid this one tree out that’s left here’s some of those scraps from the
logs we’re using and we have logs stacked all along the creek here one
more damn to put in tomorrow and we have five dams in in place we still have a
little bit of dirt work around them and securing and things like that to do you
can see one down here I have a marked where we’re gonna cut these spillway
notches already and down in here this is a three log dam in here now that top log
these are over 20 they’re about 20 inch logs the bottom ones and this one’s a
little over 20 inch diameter logs or using all cedar for the project they’ll
last longer then yeah pine would last and also all of them get spillways
that’s so we could control the direction of the flow really just a slow gentle
swale in the meadow here you can see and you can see here where the erosion creep
is is working its way right up oh yeah we’ll just follow along all the way up
there just like diagur fall has done over the millennia
it’s just creeping along and so we have this large pool right here and you’ll
see how it’s just a roading away and we’re gonna build a permanent lip in
here with a log to hopefully stop that and the flooding this year will flood in
and hopefully fill with silt in down below at the bottom here is this there’s
a big pond it it’s probably over an acre it’s a pretty good sized pond there’s a
beautiful piece of property in here we’re doing really good and we’ll be
back on that tomorrow afternoon and hopefully by Monday when we’ll work
Monday of course and we’ll probably be able to finish up on Monday another day
on the dams and yesterday we made a real good progress we this is our highest dam
here up the creek we got this is our last dam hopefully
and we got it all done and cut out dammed up and overnight we got a real
nice backup of water that’s a good good thing yeah we still have a little water
filtering through the filter media as you see it running there but in time the
filter media will block up with silt and plug up and the water level will come up
now we walk down here to the next DM down yeah we’re having water level rise
here also we have three dams complete with our spillways and damming up and
we’re having water level build up here nicely that’s a good day and then even
our pond that’s in this spot is it’s filling and we have this backing up here
now also there we have a Oh foot and a half deep water here on the big dam so
we’re pretty happy things are working the way they’re supposed to work and we
have very little water flow out of this Dam so things are going really good we
have three more dams to cut spillways in and put it in the semi permeable cloth
here to filter the silt to get this to fill in we’re holding it down with some
sandbags well they’re full of rocks the rock bags to mold in against the logs to
get that filter material in tight and then some rocks to help hold down the
filter material so it doesn’t by Pat the water doesn’t bypass it but this is
working out really good yeah we’ll get the other three yeah so we’ve done today
we should be basically complete with our project hopefully today so smile and be
nice tom so my best friend
this this is mr. Tom Seymour this is the property we’re doing the dam project on
and we just finished our fifth dam we have one more to do one more big deal
well single log big Dam but we got one more to do and we’re over there and
we’ll show you what we’re doing there so this is our lowest elevation Dam and
this is your most critical dam and now what I’ve done here is I just cut about
every two inches across that to make these spillways down to a pretty even
depth and then just chipped it all out of there with a chainsaw
that’s all that’s how I’ve made those and here we’re putting this a
semipermeable membrane cloth on the side here and that is put up tight against
the the black cloth you saw and the other ones up tight against the dam and
the water will filter through that and catch the sediment and then eventually
block up and it’ll then catch the water and hold hold the water back and then as
the sediment will build up and which which is what you want it to do and then
on this but this dam here will have a cloth on the downstream side and then
we’re gonna rock all of this in here on the outflow side of the dam will all be
rocked approximately five six feet out and across the just about the entire
width of the dam especially where the spillway is and that’s for the overflow
so you don’t have erosion start here and run out into the pond now we’re almost
at the elevation of the pond here we’re just above it by a couple feet but you
don’t want that erosion started here and to form another gully so this is where
they chose where they wanted us to put this base dam so we’re gonna do that now
we’re gonna put the cloth in get it all secured and then on the ends here will
be all we’re gonna build Rock abutments I had the cloth and then like say
another cloth and a rock the downstream side there’s our there’s
our pile of rock we’re working with right there
nice big stuff it helps having tractors yeah well and talk about tractors so
we’re using two John Deere’s this one’s mine I put a backhoe on it and I have a
bucket and then Tom’s we have the grapple on there to for help move the
logs and stuff so that’s how we’re doing it skidding them in place and everything
all right cloth on this side we use a two layers
of cloth we want to really plug up well and then we’re gonna put a little cloth
on the other side also it’s already slowed the water well this is a not quite finished yet we
still have all the rock to put in but this is a two days later and the water
is backing up really really nice that’s over a foot deep in here this is our
very bottom block lowest elevation log or lowest elevation dam and backing up
really nice this is our next one up the hill number two DM and backing up very
nicely it’s a lot flatter in here and it was just naturally flat in here so it’s
gonna take a long time to get to that spillway level we have to fill up a lot
up the bank but this is really backing up nice three damn
and again backing up we have over a foot of elevation there so far that we’ve
picked up for this is our big dam 3 log dam and backing up nicely it’s all you
know it’s backed up into this pond that was here already so there’s no
perceivable flow but it’s a filling we have very little flow here damn number five that’s the big dam down
there and that’s the short stretch this is right above the big pool right here
and it has a bit of flow actually here it’s not backing up quite as well as it
could be it’s I could see its flow right here at
the dam you may need to bag this a little bit or put some small rock and
gravel in here Dam number six and we’re getting good
backup here and of course there’s some water flow not much though and this is
gonna back this is backing up into the next pool and the big drop which is
right up here this is this is approximately three or four inches
before it goes over the spillway not too much to go

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