Hydrofarm: Active Aqua Premium White Flood Trays – Out of the Box

[Music] Hi there and welcome to
Hydrofarm’s Out Of The Box! Where we unpack, unwrap and share the latest products
and innovations from Hydrofarm. Today we’re talking H2O! And more specifically
Active Aqua and our line of
premium white trays, which is the solid foundation
you need for your grow room. These heavy duty trays are made right here
in North America and feature U.V.
resistant plastic cap over a 100% recycled
ABS plastic core. They’re thick,
rigid and durable. The design has
smooth rounded corners and a reinforced side-wall
that’s extra deep. A full 7″, with easily readable
water level indicators. The edge has
been arch formed, which again reinforces
the tray and minimizes flexing. It has a square drainage
pattern and smooth channels, which simplifies cleaning. There are pre-formed
drain hole markers and ready-to-punch
drill points, as well as
alternating rib pattern for the best drainage. The trays are manufactured
in five sizes: 2×4, 3×3, 4×4, 3×6, 4×8 and those dimensions
are full ID dimensions or Internal Dimensions which means
that measurement is actually your
growing space area. So that’s the scoop on Active Aqua’s
Premium White Trays. Strong, durable
and easy to clean. To find out more
about Active Aqua or any other gardening gear visit us at Hydrofarm.com or check-out our
other Out Of The Box videos on Youtube. And don’t forget to follow us
on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all
the latest Hydrofarm news. Get growing
with Hydrofarm -America’s oldest
and largest manufacturer of year-round
indoor gardening products- and YOUR year-round
gardening experts.

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