Hydroflax’s Body Breaks Into The TARDIS | The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

99 thoughts on “Hydroflax’s Body Breaks Into The TARDIS | The Husbands Of River Song | Doctor Who

  1. “Does sarcasm help?”
    “Wouldn’t it be a great universe if it did”

    Love that line

  2. Hydroflax could have used the telepathic circuits as an advantage. If he knew what it did.

  3. I am not a fan of the Hydroflax Robot body costume. It is so obvious the arms are attached to the waist not the torso.

  4. As cringy and cartoonish as Hydroflax was, Greg Davies actually made quite a convincing shouty villain at times.

  5. DOCTOR: You can't shoot a head in the face!
    ME: Well where else do you suggest she shoot it?!

  6. If someone can't be both in and out how did The Doctor have Handles as a companion?

  7. Impossible! No one can break into the TARDIS! The daleks tried the weeping angels tried the sontarans tried even attila the hun tried. They all failed.

  8. One of my least favourite episodes of Doctor who, I found it incredibly annoying!

  9. 1:58 I had to do a quadruple take – I could swear it was her right tit :DDD

  10. Oh no, its moving…
    Extremely slowly.

    I bet you could outpace this thing with a walking stick and a broken back.

  11. Um The TARDIS Doors managed to stay in place inside the sun so was that kick more powerfull then crashing into the sun if so then how did it not break the ground when walking

  12. 2:48 how can you possibly travel 7 galaxies with that speed. Even with lightspeed you'd only reach andromeda in quite a long time. And by that i mean a really really long time.

  13. This is the worst episode of doctor who I've ever seen. I'd rather watch love and monsters a thousand times that sit through this again

  14. Is it really a luxury cruise if you only travel the local group. And even then, what galaxies are being visited. If the cruise is cheap you just visit the magellanic clouds or you just go across the milky way. And if it's expensive it's only 7!! That's all the major galaxies we know in the local group, and they are: Andromeda, triangulum, LMC, SMC, M32 and M110 and lastly the Milky Way

  15. The space marines called, they said a medical surgery for a dreadnaught and a terminator went wrong… horribly wrong!

  16. I've only seen a few episodes of Doctor Who… This is not one of them. You can only imagine what this must look like to someone with absolutely no context for what's going on XD

  17. Nardole was such a wimp. By the end he was a badass. Oh how times change.

  18. Wait, I've never seen that one, which episode is it, may I ask you guys please ? :p

  19. Whatever you do, don't look into the blue Tardis brain panel and think explode explode explode!

  20. There wss a moment when doctor says "Say Viiiiiiiiii" i cant find it

  21. “Doctor song I have a message for you!”
    “Ramone get in here”
    door gets kicked open

  22. The image of the suit pointing a gun at it's own head slot as a threat still makes me disgusted and interested simultaneously.

  23. Not to be "that guy" but couldn't the Tardis do some teleportation to make sure the Doctor and River didn't die? Shes a smart machine I'm sure it could be done

  24. Love that she used the tardis to take them THERE of all places.
    Well, guess it helps to be a time traveling Archeologist xD

  25. I like how technology in the future makes life worst and evil people more powerful and crazy. I hope it doesn't turn out like that in real life

  26. Can't help but thinking about the headmaster from The Inbetweeners 😂

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