I Bought EVERY Flashlight at Home Depot!

all right today is the day we are here
at the Home Depot and we’re going to find out what are the best and the worst
flashlights at Home Depot and there’s really only one good way to do that and
that is to buy them oh here we go alright this here is
really one of the things I’m most interested in all metal body looks like
we got three xml’s down the barrel there I’ve been wanting to try these for a
while guess now’s my chance and finally these I think that about covers it we’re
off to a pretty good start let’s go sniff around and see if we can
find some more there we go mmm beauty oh yeah and what would what collection
wouldn’t be complete without a $4 flashlight and a $10 battery to go with
it okay about these I’ve considered getting
all of these too but what I’m thinking is instead of doing all of these with
the regular flashlights how about we do every tool flashlight like from every
store do all of them together every tool flashlight ever I don’t know if you
think that’s a cool idea hit the like button let me know okay looks like we’re
at six hundred and seventeen dollars and ninety two cents about four hundred
bucks cheaper than I thought we’d be score yeah welcome back that is a lot of
flashlights all we need to do now is get them unboxed why don’t we start with our husky lights
this is Home Depot’s house brand they’re made by Black & Decker for Home Depot
the price on the Husky flashlights is ranges from $6 up to about $30 beginning
with our 3d it’s just robust light it’s an all aluminum body we got some soft
plastic around the bezel and tail cap triple led down the front Cree xpl and one
Cree xpg2 I don’t know why but that’s that’s what’s in there nevertheless the beam
quality and color of the light is pretty good we get tail switches on all our
Huskies except for the rechargeable one I feel like these are all a little bit
mushy they’re this big rubber thing here as high as it sticks up it makes it kind
of hard to push like that you sort of have to get the end of your thumb in
there we did get super quality threads with this and a tail spring that you
could pogo stick on the most unique and likable feature that I found about these
lights comes when we go a couple of sizes down it’s about a 2d size but
what’s actually in here is 6 AAA batteries the interesting thing is the
front we got our single led with a reflector but also that yellow rim
around there is also a COB LED you can have just the outer ring just the inner LED
or both on which I thought was pretty cool the battery carrier on this is it’s
a little bit better than what you typically get in the cheap Chinese
carriers I’d still would have rather had it be on just a couple of D cells but
you know I get why they had to do this you know to get the voltage boost moving
to our AAA flashlights some of them have no business running on AAAs it’s you
know these little adapters in a triple-a the only lights that I think should ever
run on AAA are lights that will only fit a triple-a we did get two of
those and you know they’re okay they’re they’re alright they serve a purpose
decent beam decent output you know the tail switch does work now
that finally we did get the rechargeable zoomy it’s one of only two rechargeable
lights in our entire hall it’s a plug it into the end USB rechargeable and you
know those those kind of lights are okay if you have to do it like for the
imminence the really high powered lights but I don’t like it for these because
the first thing that’s always gonna die in your flashlight is the battery when
the battery’s done you’re done moving on to the Defiant brand lights we got a
total of six of these they are a little bit lower cost than the Huskies our
average price ranged from eight dollars up to about twenty dollars with these
they face to me they seem cheaper quality though we did still get an
all-aluminum body all the way to the head on this 3d light our tail switch is
much easier to push I mean this this really feels good it’s easy to access
they’ve got these notches cut here the switch is not mushy so we went uphill
there on the thread quality we went way downhill this this here is like some of
the cheapest stuff you ever get from China I even had one of these shred the
o-ring when I took the cap off on this 3c version we got the triple LED defiant
claims 1200 lumens with this and it has it’s not a clicky it’s like an e tail
switch and it’s good it’s very responsive we got three mode high low
strobe with this unfortunately you do have to cycle through all the modes to
get to off so from high it looks like this triple fast click out of all of the
defiant lights this is definitely my favorite one other thing we got is our
second rechargeable light this is one we plug into the back it is a spotlight
with multi-level brightness beam quality in color for the most part on these is
okay one that was really particularly bad is this – AAA it has another LED I
don’t recognized and it is just it’s straight
blue just that’s it just blue next up is our Coast flashlights we got
five total two of these happen to be the zoomable type flashlights
one is an aluminum body and the other is a poly the price range on these lights
is from eleven dollars on our triple-a all the way up to forty on this one and
the thing is this this poly light versus this aluminum one this is the forty
dollar one this one’s twenty dollars and in every meaningful way that I can think
of the poly one is better it’s lighter weight and on you know the metal one the
heads not bad it’s not too wobbly but the way that this one works is it’s a
twisty it’s real silent real sturdy the only negative thing about both of these
and this is kind of a deal breaker for me is we’re for triple A’s for power
last one we’re going to talk about is the Coast g20 this is to AAA they’re
calling it an inspection light and it has an absolutely perfect beam it’s
perfectly circular even light edge to edge doesn’t bounce back in your eyes
has an incredible tail switch single mode that’s a good flashlight Maglites
Home Depot’s actually got some of the better ones there the price our price
range is $10 to $40 on these we got six Maglites total our biggest is this 3d the
625 lumen switch a pretty decent upgrade I think from the old-school style that
they had is we’ll watch this just that little bitty short motion is it
completes the full range of focus we did get multi level brightness with this if
you’re into 3d cells this isn’t a bad choice what I like even better we got
let’s see this is ML50L this is a to see light 490
umens same short quick focus we also got the minimag Pro and the XL50 mag
light has also gone to an LED in the mag solitaire now you know I want to love
this but I don’t it three triple-a lots of little tiny pins you know I know I’ve
been kind of harping on that but I’m not gonna make any exceptions for mag light
either I do like their switch it’s very good very responsive easy to get to a
couple other noteworthy lights we got here from Rayovac we did also get a
spotlight it is three mode it is not rechargeable it’s powered by six AAA
batteries and we got one flashlight from Milwaukee this is also they’re calling
it an inspection light twenty dollars versus the eight dollars we paid for the
husky version but they’re their deal is this they gave us kind of I would say
about 4000K on this so if you’re inspecting you know things were
color rendering matters like paints this might be a better way to go everything
else not much to say about you know plastic junk except in this light that
we paid 5 bucks for I didn’t need the 10 dollar battery to go with it because it
it fits the cells output I tested every single one of these flashlights I made a
chart which I’ll link in the YouTube description down below so you guys can
totally binge on it later let’s just look at a couple of the highlights real
quick looking at our husky lights you can see
that they actually did a good job of raiding their lights all the way down
the chart they’re pretty darn close a few of them I even got higher than what
their number was defiance numbers actually tracked pretty well with my own
the exception to that is you see the three see that they rated 1200 lumens I
got a little over 700 coast came in just a little bit
the factory ratings but still very respectable something I’ll point out is
if you look at the two for AAA ones the aluminum and the poly the poly actually
beat it beat the aluminum one even though it was rated at higher and cost
twice as much Maglites numbers also tracked very well and oddly enough I got
exactly the factory rating on to which that almost never happens
one thing I’m gonna mention about the coast lights is with the g20 that
triple-a light for some reason I got a very low number with that I got 12
lumens and I switched batteries in it I tried everything I could think of I
don’t know what happened there lumens per dollar ratio the grand champion is
the defiant the 3c with the triple which came in at fifty four point nine lumens
per dollar spent our grand failures would be some of the cheaper plastic
lights it seems like the less we spent the less we got go figure the Blackfyre
cap light came in at two lumens per dollar spent and that’s rounded up my
top picks for the D cell lights the Huskie 3d and the mag light this you
know you got a great dollar per lumen ratio mag light we get we’re focusable
personally I would much rather have them spend a few extra dollars and get the
mag light but I think either one is a decent choice for the money in the C
cell lights we have the the defiant the triple that had the e switch on the back
this is probably the only defiant light that I would really recommend and also
the ML 50 L I I like the feel of this light for the AAA lights this may come
as a surprise but I picked this because remember we’re six AAA in the body and
the thing that I love about this husky is that outer ring I think that is a
phenomenal way to get a spot and flood mode in the triple-a lights the only
competition really even though we had a bunch of them is these two that is the
Milwaukee and D Coast even though the Milwaukee
is brighter and has that nice tint I still like the coast better I love that
perfectly shaped beam just for kicks I thought we’d try this plastic Lantern
first the 80 lumen not terrible you could do worse for four
dollars and 98 cents and it came with the batteries
now the coast g20 inspection light see how we can look right there at the the
fridge and whatever and it doesn’t bounce back in your eyes see how it
compares with mag solitaire one Triple A now we’ll do the Milwaukee inspection
light a little bounce back with it but super bright good color first we’ll try
the polymer coast light that is the zoomy triple a powered thought this was
the better one of them see if we can get some range with it here now let’s see
the to see mag light that is the ML 50 L now we’ll do the three C defiant next is the 3c Husky now the 6a a husky
that is the dual beam dual LED there we go there’s our flood that’s both the
ring and the LED then just the center LED just the ring now we’ll do the 3d
defiant that’s our triple now we’ll do our 3d maglite now having a look at our
spotlights will do the Defiant rechargable it’s got low on high modes I
don’t think it’s good it’s got like next mode memory though it seems like no
matter how long you’ve got it you know off or on you get the opposite when you
come back but it is a thrower man I mean it it’s really got a tight beam doesn’t
show very well on camera but in between those trees I can even hit the grass in
the field way out there it’s pretty zippy let’s try our rayovac six AAA now
this one’s got the modes to but it’ll it always starts in high you know you just
tap it to go to the next mode down pretty good range here too be sure to let us know what your
favorite light from our Home Depot lineup was guys is always super thanks
for watching and good luck

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