I Found a Bag of Cash Underwater in the River! (Guess How Much Money was Inside?!)

Good morning. We’re here at the river. Gonna jump in and find us some goodies. Good morning, Zach. All right, let’s jump in. All right guys. Here we go. I swallowed a bug. Holy Crap! This is an iPhone 8. It’s still turning
on and there’s no waterproof case. We got to this thing just in time. We’ve already got an iPhone X, an iPhone 8, some Ray-Bans, a wallet. Today’s been a good day so far. Let’s get back down there and check out what we can find. Two! Hey you guys. We had a really good day at
the river today. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 pairs of Ray-Bans. Not bad. Got some of these… I don’t even know what these things are. Found two of those in
two different spots. That was pretty wild. Swiss Army knife and somebody is over
the edge with how they dress. Look at that thing. That thing is like… We got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 lighters. Nail trimmers. Pair of car keys. Is this like one of those tiles
where you can like press the button and it’ll locate… Got a bracelet, got a wallet. There was a 5 in there. Just 5 was inside. 20, 30, 40, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 56 bucks. Got a nice umbrella. A Starbucks mug. Oh shoot! If you guys think I should try to return these phones, make sure to leave a like
so I can keep on putting these out for you guys. Happy Sunday, everybody. We have an iPhone 8 here. Is obviously a family guy. This is the kind of people I love
rewarding. So let’s hope we can find this person. A lot of you’ve asked in the
comments how do I use the sim card to contact the owner. So, here’s how it works. When they drop their phone in the river, a lot of people want to have a phone
right away and so they get an old phone they used to have, they use their same phone number and they hook that phone up. This SIM card on
their old phone will still have the same phone number and so when I call it, it’ll
call their backup phone. All right guys, I found the phone number. Guy: Hello Dallas: Hi, this is Dallas. I found a iPhone at the bottom of a river. Did you happen to lose yours? Guy: I did. Dallas: How long ago did you drop it? Guy: It was… last Saturday. Dallas: Last Saturday? What was your name? Guy: My name is Vaughn. Vaughn: Sound good, man. Thanks. Appreciate it. Dallas: All right, man. Have a good one. Bye. Thank you guys for watching. Hit that bell button to make sure you are notified when we upload a video and we will see you on
the next video.

80 thoughts on “I Found a Bag of Cash Underwater in the River! (Guess How Much Money was Inside?!)

  1. Hi everybody, hope you're enjoying your day or night while watching! Let me know what you guessed how much money was in the bag?

  2. It strikes me as funny how you found this stuff underwater but it looks like most of it is new.

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  9. Ur such a good man.. Coz return a phone to the owner.. God bless u always..

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