I Found a FULL Plastic Baggie Underwater in the River (What’s Inside?)

Somebody help me find out what the heck
that is. What is that? Oh! Dallas: Welcome to another video. This is not my normal stomping grounds. We are here in Portland, Oregon. I’m here with my buddy, Cameron. Can die for… Cameron: We’re back. Sunday, there is a line from the bridge for like a mile packed up. They had to close it down because there’s too many people coming here to float. So now it’s Tuesday. Gonna see what everyone has dropped on that’s crazy Sunday with the World Cup. Dallas: I just had to take a little quick shot of this before I jumped in the water. Look at this beautiful… I don’t see any Cactus. Cameron: I got another one! Dallas: What did you get? He’s already beating me. I gotta get, I gotta get in the water guys. I am going. I found a nice pair of glasses. I didn’t even get a chance to see what brand they were and then, I went over these Rapids right here, and I totally lost them. I’m gonna dive in and see if I can locate those bad boys, and maybe you find a couple GoPros, who knows. Do not try this at home. It’s China. Cameron: Oh! It China and it’s broken. Oh… Dallas: That was bumpy ride man, you see that. Cameron: Yeah, I saw you bumping around. Dallas: Got my self a kettle, a watering pail. Oh, No, No… It’s gone. Oh, you saved it. Dallas:My wife, my wife had some of these, Nike or a Ray. Just see it. Cameron: Really, Those are looking nice. Dallas: They’re Australian. That’s all our stuff, right here? Cameron: Yeah. Dallas: I wanna keep these ones in my pocket. Cameron: We are getting to deep spot. Dallas: Hang on, Let me empty my pocket, really quick. Come on… Dallas: My butt cheek. Cameron: It’s Ray-Ban’s. Nice! Dallas: Yeah, it looks legit. Dallas: So far this is my best find of the day. Got some, Ray Ban’s. I’m looking legitimate. Legitimate. Dallas: Somebody, somebody help me find out what the heck that is. What is that? What does it smell like? Cameron: It’s a Cheez-It. Dallas: Oh… That’s Cheez-It. Cameron: Yeah. Dallas: Oh, never would have guessed. A bag of Cheez-Its liquefied. I dare… I will give you $20 to take a drink. Cameron, these were right next to each other. Motor homes? What is this? There was a Salmon. It was like this big and I was petting it. You really found that thing? Cameron: Yeah. Dallas: Show the camera. Cameron: Found a Snickers. Brand new. Dallas: It was dry? Best find of the day so far. Check out how cool are these. Cameron: Dude, they are sweet. Dallas: Yeah. Dallas: Hey Eddie, check this bracelet out. Eddie: Woah! Dallas: Got a hat. Eddie: Got a hat? Dallas: Dude, my favorite find. Eddie: I was just talking about that. Dallas: It’s like I’m on a freaking log ride dude! Dallas: This is beautiful. Cameron: Is it cool? Dallas: Yeah Cameron: You should see up there. It’s beautiful. Unreal. Dallas: Dude, do people jump off that? I am going right now. Dallas: I tried to swim through it, but I am too fat. Dallas: What happened? Eddie: Hey you found more? Dallas: Yeah. Oakleys dude. Eddie: What! Cameron: This is where I found them. Dallas: Yeah, right here. What’s up guys! Here we are at the end of the day. We were probably in the river by what 9:30. Now, it’s almost 4 O’clock. So when you see all of our finds, you’ll know why there’s so many things. Cameron: Nuke ’em. That’s a lot of sunglasses. Dallas: …and lighters. You think if we lined all those up you could see through them. Cameron: No. Dallas: Best pair was the
Ray-Bans released for mine oh wait we’re just focusing found Oh, here they are. Yeah, those are trashed. Got some Quays. Some Elton John’s. You got to show these
off, man. He popped in the river for like what… maybe, an hour total today. Guy: 3 minutes. Dallas: 3 minutes… as he found, oh please. Guy: Let’s go. Dallas: Found an earring. Got some salt. A bunch of lighters. Dude, this is a good find. Was that water already in there? Cameron: Yeah, water
was already in there. Dallas: See if it’s still cold. Cameron: Ready, ready for it. Eddie: Oh you’re gonna drink it? Cameron: Cold. It is cold. It is cold. Dallas: Charger. Got a
whistle. Cameron: Hey Dallas. Don’t forget about the Cranberry juice you found. Dallas: I have not forgotten about that. Cameron: Look at that. Brand-new. Dallas: Okay, so this was
probably my favorite find. So this is what I’ve been using for the last four years. This thing right here. I found this in the river about four years ago. I super glued this mount to it and it’s starting to fall apart and I’m thinking
about upgrading to this guy that already has a mount. So I was excited when I
found that thing. Got a hat. Got a couple of t-shirts. Some kind of a net. I forget this flower pot… watering can. Vape pen. You know we also pulled out a bunch of
trash and I did find this and this bracelet. I think that wraps it up. Thanks for joining us in Oregon, day 1. Make sure to hit that like button. Subscribe if you want to see more of this and we will see you on the next adventure. Thanks guys. All right, what are you gonna do with that trash then? Cameron: Saving the world one bottle at a time. Dallas: There we go.

100 thoughts on “I Found a FULL Plastic Baggie Underwater in the River (What’s Inside?)

  1. Pure awesomeness love your videos and want more!!!! now I wanna do this but the rivers and lakes in my area are sooo murky looking, you find some of the best places!!! 🙂 keep up the great FUN !!!

  2. I wish there is somebody like you who likes snorkeling in Indonesia river. Especially rivers in Jakarta.

  3. Man + River: What are these motorhomes?
    Me:Has this guy never gone camping before?!

  4. gives away go-pros and money
    Dares his friend to take a drink from river liquified cheeze its for $20. LOL

  5. Dallas: do not try this at home

    Me: ohh okay good to not thank you ya I was just about to jump into the river I have in my living room so ya won’t be doing that now thank you!!

  6. I was in that river once and I found a few earrings 🌊🌊🌊🥽💳❤️❤️

  7. Please start puting the song or music or remix you use for your video in the desc please
    !!!!!! I beg!!! Please Man + River

  8. Holes – probably caused when one of the cobbles that are embedded in the bottom gets pulled out, either by high water flow or somebody coming along an knocking them loose.

  9. It's pronounced key
    Oh and I believe that giant thing you found is an areoater it pokes holes in grass to help the grass grow

  10. I did it at home and I found 69 pairs of sunglasses in my bathtub.

  11. "Do not try this at home"
    Are you implying that there is a river going through my house?

  12. I just found your channel but I love seeing you picking up trash during your dives as well. Thanks for leaving the rivers cleaner than you found them. ❤️

  13. “I tried to swim through it……but I’m to fat”


  14. I’m a new fan. It excites me when you see gadgets and returns it to the owners. What only bothers me is when you consume a can/bottle of beverage you found underwater. As you friends say, “it’s gross!”.

  15. Me: mom can I get new sun glasses? My old ones broke.
    Mom: sure!
    Me: where?
    Mom: the river
    Me: ok

  16. We have to thank him for cleaning our disgusting world well I’m just lazily laying down while watching this

  17. There's a river up north of Detroit ..
    Called the Ausable River run's through a couple of communities. Vacation travelers , campers
    Kayakers/canoers play & swim in… I bet it would be a treasure trove of things 🎉 🙆🏼‍♀️ 🙆🏻‍♂️ 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤷‍♂️👍

  18. Love u man !!
    BTW u can open a Sunglass Showroom with your stuff and it will run well !!

  19. I know I'm late, but I was raised in Portland, Oregon. Been in Arizona for almost a year now.

  20. 2:30 ~ Conglomerate rocks are made up of sand, clays, and denser rocks. The clays and sands can wash away/ dissolve in the water, leaving pockets. The flowing silts and sands can also wallow these holes out bigger and bigger even to the point of forming caves. 🤓👍

  21. 1:30 ah yes thank you for the warning i was about to do that with the 30 feet long river with strong rapids in my living room

  22. Go to the most populated and popular river to find more exciting things

  23. Si encontrastes una bolsita en el rio , a mi , que carajos me importa !!!!!!

  24. It's profitable for you and also for the environment as you are cleaning it so keep it up.

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