I Found a FULL Sealed Box Underwater in the River! (Contents Returned to Owners – Best Reaction!!)

Oh my Gosh! Good morning everybody. Actually, got an email last night from a guy named Anthony. He and his two friends lost a total of three phones at the river yesterday. Two of them are black iPhone 8’s, and one of them is an iPhone 10 with a white back. He gave me a location on the map of about where they dropped them. This is that area, we’re gonna jump
in right here. See if we can find any of those phones. Hopefully, we can. That’ll be really awesome to make their day. Without further a do, let’s jump in, and see if we can find us some goodies. All right, guys enjoy. You guys see that knife down there, man… That current was so strong I couldn’t swim against it. Oh my gosh! You guys. Hey! It still works, you guys. That is the best find of the month. Can’t believe I just found a GoPro 5. I mean that made my day for sure. Man! I swam right over that too. That was crazy. Having a good day so far I found the fork, I found a GoPro 5, I found a utility knife and a bunch of sunglasses. I’m gonna hike back up a little bit, jump back in and do another pass on the same stretch. See if we can find a couple more things you guys. You guys are having a good time, make sure to leave me a thumbs up down below, and let’s jump back in, and see if we can find some more stuff guys. Oh my gosh! I am gonna let this drain. Okay so, let’s play a little game you guys. I have a box here, says watertight
box. There was water inside. I already drained it out just by tipping it over like that. I don’t know exactly what’s in here yet. There’s a lot of stuff in here. Holy crap! Whoever lost this is so upset. It seems like everybody was rafting down the river as a group and they all stuck their stuff in this one box. I want to hear your guesses. Leave me a comment down below right now, with your guess what’s inside this box. I mean this thing is heavy. There’s no water inside anymore. I’m so excited to return this thing. This is gonna be so awesome. Okay guys, have you left your comment down below guessing what’s inside the box? If you haven’t, do it right now. Here we go. We’re gonna open it up. Oh my gosh! This thing I mean look at that, so far I can see just stacks. This is just a stack of phones. iPhone 7, got a Samsung phone I bet you that thing’s toast, another iPhone 7. What is that? A Pixel or something, Samsung Galaxy S8, that one actually might be waterproof and might still be working. Oh, the light just turned on. You see that? Yeah, so this thing is still on and oh, this thing is still on you guys. Oh, the screens flickering I think. Let’s get all that water out of there. That is so crazy to me. One, two, three, four, five, six phones. Two pairs of car keys. We have… at least three phones are still on. My guess is they were dropped yesterday morning because they’re all pretty low in battery. At least three people are going to be very excited to have these back. Anthony, I did my best to find your phones buddy. I’m sorry, I couldn’t find them. So, I got this box of phones. This phone luckily had a credit card in the
back with somebody’s first and last name on there and so, I searched Facebook. I
was able to get in contact with her, and now I’ve got her phone number. I’m gonna go ahead and give her a call right now. Angela: Hello! Dallas: Hi is this Angela? Angela: This is Anglea. Is this Dallas? Dallas: This is Dallas.
Yeah, I found your phone. I found all of, all the phones and the keys inside that box. How did you guys lose it? What happened? Angela: There were 11 of us and we were obviously like inner tubing, and like 5 of us flipped. My friend Ree, got things up and my other friend’s back was bloody, like he was bad. Dallas: Oh my God! Angela: The box flipped over, and we were like all of our phones are gone. So, we have left 2 cell phones and lost all the car keys, we were trying to call our parents, like tell everyone, like we were crazy. Dallas: Wow… I think your friend
mentioned that one of the cars is still out there. Right? Angela: Yeah, because the locksmith wasn’t able to make a key. Dallas: Yeah, I’m gonna call her right after this and we’re gonna meet up and get the keys back to her, and hop on a plane tomorrow morning and fly down to Tucson and meet you guys. If you guys wanna meet up, and I can get all your stuff back to you. Anglea: You are literally a miracle worker. I thank you very much. Dallas: Got the keys. Guys I got two pairs of car keys. I’ll bill to get their car back from the river
parking lot, which is crazy that it’s just still sitting there. All right, let’s go meet Morgan. Dallas: Hi.. Are you Morgan? Morgan: I am Morgan. Dallas: Here’s your keys. Say, hi to YouTube. Morgan: Hi, YouTube. Dallas: So, the car is still sitting at the river right? Morgan: Yeah, we are gonna have to tow it all the way back to Tucson. Dallas: Oh my god! How much would that cost? Morgan: Like, a couple of hundred dollars. Dallas: And then the key replacement those are like… Morgan: Yeah, there was a locksmith there and he said that is gonna be $700. Dallas: Oh my gosh, wow so those were
even more valuable than some of the phones. Morgan: Yeah, it really was. Thank you so much again. Dallas: That was pretty cool. It was gonna be like six seven hundred bucks, I think she said to replace the car key and then, tomorrow we’re gonna drive over and give the actual phones back to them. So, that’ll be really cool. All right, guys, here we are in Tucson,
Arizona. We just got here, it’s 10 a.m. We’re gonna meet these lucky people in
the park. Guy: Do you have a theme song that you did for this moment?
Dallas: I do not, I do not. I need you to make me one. Guy:This magic moment. Dallas: I hear some excited voices. Does this look familiar? Group: Yes… You have like a gaping hole in the screen. Dallas: Here’s the Samsung 8. Thank you sir. Dallas: So works. It works? Dallas: Yeah. This one works
perfectly. This one works. Whose is this? This one. Buy another box man. Yeah, got some gifts for all the 6 people who lost there. Yeah, that was definitely the my largest
amount of lost items returned all at once. is pretty special, that was a pretty
special return for us. Guys thanks for joining us on this
adventure. Make sure to hit that like button down below. Let’s try to hit 50,000 likes on this video you guys that’d be amazing. And we’ll see you soon on the next adventure. Thanks guys.

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  2. I'm guessing that it is the 3 phones that they were canoeing and they put their phones there to not lose them I guess

  3. What I think is inside the Box what I think is inside the Box is some keys and some phones

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  6. I think the thinks of the box are stolen
    The people stole and to throw it away threw it in the river because everything was very well kept, nobody happens to throw dozens of belongings in the river, especially this expensive one

  7. im gonna guess the phones are in there and i promise im not cheating but if it is thats great

  8. you could literally factory reset each one of them and sell them for around 2500$ why are you returning them

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