I Found a Working iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Deep in the River! (Returned to Owner)

Hey everybody! It is a hot day in Arizona,
today that is for sure. I just took a 20 minute hike over to this new spot. It’s super beautiful but, we’re not concerned about that. We’re gonna jump in the water. See, if anybody lost anything over the weekend. For you guys haven’t seen my videos before. There are thousands of people per week, that float, kayak, swim, down this river. And I love people lose stuff. So, I’m gonna jump in this water. See, if we can find anything, that got lost over the weekend. If we find anything, that I can find the owner to. I will try to return it back to the owner. So make sure you watch the whole video. If you want to see that you guys. It’s probably the best part for me anyways. So, let’s jump in the water. Let’s see if we
can find some goodies. Here we go! Serious, no way! So, what’s your name? Girl: Joslyn Dallas: Joslyn! I am Dallas. Good to meet you! So, this is Joslyn you guys. So, if she was watching my videos, last night. Joslyn: I just found your videos like, probably two weeks ago. Dallas: No way!
Joslyn: And I was like, ‘this guy is from Mesa!’ Oh my gosh! You guys need any shades? That I’ve red ones.
Joslyn: No! Dallas: It’s good on! Girl: Can i take those? Dallas: You want those?
Girl: Yeah! For sure! It’s so nice to see these things going to good purpose. Girl: Thank you! Joslyn: I wondered. Why did you given those? Dallas: Thanks man! I appreciate it. Joslyn: Back there, I was like. “I think that’s him.” And then I saw you, I said: “No!” Dallas: Or, Did you see me
falling back there? Joslyn: Yeah! Dallas: See you guys! On the internet. Joslyn: Thank you! Dallas: Alright guys! Those are cool people. I just got some food; from my fans. That’s a cool feeling. I’m hiking back and I went down to grab that chair. That, I stopped to the side and Kayak-er saw it, and he snagged it. He seemed pretty excited about it but
talking about right now so. It sounds like that chair is going to a better- better home. They probably would have sat at my place to be completely honest. And, I don’t have to hike back to that thing. Is this a trash bag or is there something in there? Oh my gosh! There’s. Holy crap! Keys. Holy crap. I think. Okay! They lost their wallet. Ohhh! Is there a phone in there? Oh man! Just more keys. That probably means that their phone is like right here. We’ve got one two three pairs of car
keys. Oh my gosh! Three pairs of car keys and bunch of credit cards and a phone case. Well that is an unexpected find. A little set of buoys, it even seen with a bag. So complicated little intercept, pretty cool! Do not be the guy that throws this into the river. It stays down there and gets really nasty like that. There’s a lot of weird finds today. Let’s take a look, what we got. This was a pretty cool find. Got this anchor. I didn’t even know it got this high tech. This thing, is next gen for sure! Check that out! That thing is intense. Woof! Little dive mask, I’ve got plenty of those already. A bunch of cheap sunglasses. These, I was all excited about these Ray-Bans but, they’re totally fake. See that thick ink I can spot a fake pair of Ray-Bans from a mile away. The ones are called Peppers; never heard of them before. But, it does look pretty sweet. I’ve found that bag, with three pairs of car
keys and a bunch of credit cards and ID’s hopefully I’d be able to find the
owner. On that also in the bag was this phone case. So, that phone was probably in there and it probably slipped out, and I couldn’t find it. And actually these clickers, I’ve seen these work after several months of being under the water. So, that was kind of cool to see if these still work. Once we get it back to the owner I’ve been shocked before. So, we’ll see! Got a couple of these lighters, in fact it is like a torch lighter. Maybe if it dries out, it might work. Once it dries out that might work too! I think this is just the e-cigarette type of thing and I mean, I don’t smoke. I don’t vapor anything. But I think this is one of those, like. I have no idea. Don’t even listen to me. I have no idea what I’m talking about. The best finds of the day are these two iPhones. It looks like an iPhone 7 that’s probably not gonna work just because, it looks like it might have been down there a little while. But, I will try to turn that thing on and then this iPhone. I think it’s a seven plus. This is in a water proof case. This one stands the best chance of turning on. So, I will try to crack this thing open and try to get a powered on. And hopefully we can find the owner to this thing. See the reaction, make their day. It’s always the best part. Got these two iPhones. I have more confidence in this one because, it is in a waterproof case but, it has a little water inside. So, I’m trying to get this case off. Oh! It’s an iPhone 8. I thought it was a 7. This is an 8. These are actually more waterproof. If we can get this thing to
turn on. Oh my gosh! That we will have a happy camper on our hands. It smells like butt sweat yeah there’s Girl: Eww! Please don’t put that on there. There’s actually no water in the actual lens. So I’m gonna try to turn this thing on right now. All right! Let’s see if this thing turns on. Here’s the moment of truth. What do you think is gonna happen? Shit, oh my gosh! It works. Okay! So, it is the screen’s working. I don’t see any sign of like, screen damage or anything. But, I can catch them before they buy a new phone. They’ll be even extra happy. So, let’s see. If we can get this thing
turned on. Contact the owner make their day. Boom! What I’m gonna do is pop out this SIM card. Put it in this old phone that’s totally shattered. And I’d say about 80% of the time this works. So, let’s see if his or her phone number
pops up. Okay! So, let’s go to the settings. Okay! Got a phone number guys. Let’s give them a call. Deliver some good news, as we do. Guy: Hello! My name is Dallas. I’m actually a you-tuber. And I go around, and I scuba dive, and I look for lost items, and stuff like that. I found your phone, today. Guy: Ohkay! Sweet. Dallas: Yeah! Guy: There’s no chance it still works. Does it? Dallas: You stuck it in this waterproof case and so. It kept it dry enough that when I took it out. I plugged it in, it still works. Guy: Ohh! Dallas: Yeah! Did you go? Guy: It’s been over a week now. Dallas: Oh! Really? It was in the cooler and someone to reach for a beer in the cooler, it hit a bump and it just flopped down. There was nothing fun, or funny about it. All right! We’re pulling up to him right now. Let’s get his phone back! Dallas: Dallas!
Guy: Hey! Thank you! Nice to meet you! Dallas: Is this the right one? Guy: Yeah! That’s it. That’s awesome. Thank you! Dallas: What is your name? By the way! Guy: Erin! Dallas: Erin! Erin: That’s all in there for about a week, thought how you found it? Dallas: I know how to say. But, when I found it. It was all scum up the other side. I thought, it was down there for an year. Erin: Thank you! Girl: And here’s a shirt. Dallas: Thank you! Guys again. So much for your support. I really appreciate you guys watching and sharing, my videos with your friends and family. Make sure to hit that like button, down below and subscribe. If you want to see more of this. And I look forward to seeing you guys, very soon on the next video. See you guys!

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  8. 1:20 It's probably that thing you use to collect trash, so that you don't need to use your hand and it'll be much easier to pick up trash.But I can tell that it's broken because the front part is supposed to have two hooks, not one. 🙁

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