I Found an iPhone X Underwater in the River – Returned (2 Other Items In Pouch – BEST REACTION!!!)

This is it! This is it! Hey did you guys lose a phone?! Hey you guys! Here we are at the river.
We got Anthony. This is his first time. We’re gonna jump in this water, and take a look and see what we can find. What would be your best find if you could find anything you want? Anthony: Shrek DVD. Dallas: I will give you a million dollars, if you find a Shrek DVD. Anthony: That’s why I’m going after that, man! Dallas: I found weirder, so it could happen. How’s the temperature? Ahh, it takes a little getting used to! Yeah! Let’s jump in. It helps. Yeah! I feel parts, uhh! Minimizing. Ahh! Yeah! If somebody, about three weeks ago. Lost their Note 8. Right in this area. Yeah I was looking for it and I couldn’t find it. This could be their Note 8. I’ll contact her at the end of the trip, and we’ll see if this is the right person. Hey! We were in for less than three minutes. We got this. Let’s see what else, we can find guys. Just another day at the office, guys! It stabbed my index finger. Guy: Are you good?
Dallas: Yeah! Guy: Good thing you got gloves, dude! Dallas: It went right through my glove. We’re almost there. Oh! What’s this noise? That’s spider! Let’s get out of here. Please do not try this at home. These are
some dangerous Rapids but let’s jump in, and see what we can find guys. Oh really! Yeah! If you can fight him dude.
I’d be crazy. Alright! Here I go. Dude! iPhone 10. Oh my God! iPhone 10 baby, look at this. It’s still on. Still on guys! That’s crazy. Look at this, “iPhone has been loss,
please call me”. Dude! This is going to be sweet to return. It’s going to easy normally I have to SIM to try that. They’ve already got the phone number. So, We’ll have to call them. When we get out. Oh! Krystal is calling. Krystal! Anthony: On the phone? Dallas: Yeah! Anthony: Noway! Dallas: Yeah! Anthony: Answer it! Dallas: I would like to record it, make a cool video. Anthony: Yeah! Do it. Dallas: Well, like I can’t right here. Anthony: This is it! This is it! Dallas: Hey guys! There’s a phone. Girls: Yeah! Dallas: Woooh! Girl: Oh my God! (screaming with joy) Girl: We lost it yesterday. Dallas: Are you serious? Girl: Oh my God! Dallas: That’s crazy! Girl: They’re both out of town and thier ID’s are in here. Dallas: Are you serious?
Anthony: Oh man! Dallas: Oh my gosh! Girl: They would have to get their passports overnight. So they could get home. Dallas: Are you serious?
Anthony: No! No! Dallas: Where you guys from? Girl: Chicago!
Dallas: Chicago! So, I mean we were just
snorkeling in the river and. Girl: To look things like that? That’s what I do! That’s my YouTube channel. (girls laughing) This still has battery and everything so. Girl: I was like, all hope is lost. Dallas: Oh my gosh! This was the fastest return, that i have ever done. Usually, it’s like a four week, four day process. But, yeah! Have a safe travel back to Chicago. See you later! That was awesome, dude! That was the fastest phone return and I haven’t did any work, they came to us. Hey! Where’s that Shrek DVD? If you guys enjoy seeing me. Returning lost items like these phones and stuff. Make sure to leave me a big thumbs up, down below. and let’s check out the rest of my findings. Got a couple of pairs of no namers. Got a pair of car keys, with seven keys plus the car key. That and I can imagine losing all these keys, and have them get already cut. And we got these hooks. Those are gonna go into the trash. Hey! Bud. And last but, not least. This was the first find of the day. It’s a Galaxy Note 8. I got so excited. When I found this because; a few weeks ago. A lady reached out to me on Facebook. and said that she lost her Galaxy Note 8 in the river and on this dive we were back in that area. Where she said she lost it and so when I
found this. I was super excited. Hoping it might have been hers. She mentioned that she had a micro memory card inside the little SIM tray. So, when I got home I popped it open, and there was no memory card inside. So, this is not her phone unfortunately. There’s no memory card inside. It doesn’t turn on. So it wouldn’t have much value if I tried to find the owner on this. But, it was still kind of cool to find that but I’m still holding out hope, for
her phone hoping I can find it eventually. You guys! I am in shock at how
fast the channels been growing the last couple of months, and that’s all thanks
to you guys. Whenever you like my videos, it helps my channel out a lot. We have a lot of really exciting adventures, to look forward to. And I will see you very soon on the next adventure. Thanks guys

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  2. Me: mom can i have a gopro
    Me:i want to record
    buys gopro
    Went jumps and there goseu the gopro

  3. Люди по настоящему кладут телефоны в герметичные пакеты и выкидывают в реку?

  4. That looks so cool ? I want to do that !!! I can’t believe you found 2 PHONES ? ?

  5. 3:08
    Man + River:please do not try this is at home
    Me:boi u think I own a river

  6. Am I the only one that doesn't understand why some of these phones (like the one that was found working underwater) are in bags?? Like, do people just take their phones put it in bags and toss it into the water like: Oh no! My phone just fell in!

  7. Guys don’t try this at home

    Everyone in the comments: Sure I will just go to the lake .

    Man + River : Wait that’s illegal

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    Mom:Lets go to the river and find a iPhone
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    Mom;:Ok lets go to the river?

    Me: ;-; (mind) I don't have a swimsuit.

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  13. Dallas: don’t try this at home



  14. im sorry dallas but i dont think i have flowing waters ar rapids at home. Just saying

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