I Found This in My Garage

rev up your engines, what secrets lie
inside well here we go inside all kinds of stuff hanging up down on the ground
plastic truck that my son sent from Afghanistan ages ago the first thing I’m
gonna talk about I just gear wrenches now these flex gear
wrenches are great for lots of reasons but the main one is that they have a
little ratchet head so they can go fast and it flexes so you can turn it in many
directions and one thing I really like about these particular gear wrenches are
is they’re reversible you flip them over they don’t have that little knob so they
go one way and you hit the knob and it goes backwards because those little
knobs guess what when you’re working in a cramped space like trying to get the
intake manifold off you hit the little knob on one side have knobs and then it
turns the wrong way and then instead of loosening it it’s tight these as you can
see they’re completely flat they’re thin one weighs on the other ways off you
just flip it over much better design you don’t have to worry about not only
hitting in that goes backwards or those devices break a lot cuz dirt gets in them this
doesn’t have them one last thing to go wrong now you don’t have to buy a whole set like me these aren’t cheap they’re relatively expensive tools but you can buy the ones
you need let’s say you got a Japanese car hey the 10 to 12 the 14 and a 17 are
real handy ones you might just buy a few of them or try to find used ones on eBay
or something now let’s see what else is in here ah crow for wrenches these
Crowfoot wrenches are fantastic for getting into tight spaces and as you can
see these are good ones they have one two three four different ridges that go
in don’t get the ones that just have to they’ll break and fall off get a quality
set that has a good grip with the ratchet and extension you can put them
on and you can get into all kinds of little spaces these are great for taking
flared lines off and brake systems power steering systems and they can get into
places that something else can’t because there’s no clearance and especially when
there’s things in a way you can just stick a longer extension on it so you
can go through the thing or if it’s really tight you can take
them all off and stick them on direct to get stuff off these colfra trenches are
a just don’t get a really cheap set the cheap sets sticking to snap off you want
solid steel ones like this let’s take a further look and what do we have here
deep walled sockets these are from harbor freight tools now you see some of
them are chrome well that’s not the tools part that’s Scotty’s fault
these are autozone ones that I bought and truthfully the AutoZone ones these 3
cost more than this whole thing so here you’re actually cheaper buying a whole
set that’s an expensive than buying a super expensive ones these things are
solid steel they’re not going anywhere I’ve never broken any of these ones you can see how thick they are they really thicker than the autozone
ones are since they’re so heavy duty you don’t have to worry about them breaking
you don’t have to buy a super expensive set go to harbor three tools and buy
these I’ve had these for years you know they’re the ones I’ve lost you can see
it’s a peg missing here so maybe I should just buy a spare set of this instead
let’s see what else is in here oh my little small smoke detector now I
like my autool smoke detector for one main reason it’s totally self-contained these
hook up to the battery you don’t need an air pump you don’t
need electric plugs you just need a car battery you don’t need to buy fancy
liquids for in the top all you do is unscrew it got a long thread on it and
you pour mineral oil in here same stuff you can get enough drugstore for babies
bottoms easy cheap you don’t have to buy any kind of special equipment for this
is a quality item it’s got the gauge on it so when you’re checking for leaks you
can see if there’s too much flow not enough flow it’s a very handy device and
you can use it for finding leaks than anything intake manifolds you can stick
it in the exhaust see where the smoke comes off I’ve been used to when I had a
sewer leak and I found out that the sewer leak was inside the wall of the
house and could see the smoke coming out from under and you might say Scotty how could you use it in your house it’s 12 volt well I just used my little
battery pack here just hook it up this is very portable I was able to check for
leaks it’s a very handy tool and it has a great valve here for adjusting flow so
you can adjust it for big leaks small leaks it’s a real handy tool I use it all the
time when I’m looking for leaks all right what else is hiding
in here this big old generator this one’s a husky 5,000 running amps and
look it’s got a Subaru engine in it it’s a good engine that’s an emergency
generator for hurricane so we get hurricanes here in Houston it’s good to
have one now we’ve got a five gallon tank it will last some time puts on a
lot of power you can run a lot of stuff not only it said my house would saved my
business too one time we didn’t have power for a week and a half
a lot of the garage is to shut down we don’t need power they said well crank
that thing up you got plenty enough power to run my air compressor to run my
electric tools next day after the rain went away
since I’m in High Point of Houston it doesn’t flood here I was back in
business fixing people’s flooded cars so you’re gonna get a generator take my
advice get one that’s a quality unit don’t buy some cheap piece of junk for
100 150 bucks I’ve seen a little bitty $99 once hey they’re fine if you want to
run small TV or something but this thing it runs a lot now what else is in here
there’s a box box a few savers now these fuse savers are real handy if you’re
doing any kind of electric or different rated fuses that then plug into the fuse
box they got a little ends and big ends this particular ones yellow it’s 20 mm
you can plug this into your fuse box you pull out the blown fuse and plug this in
and while you’re checking for electrical shorts odds are the fuse is gonna keep
blowing well you don’t have to keep buying fuses it got reset time you turn
on turn off so it’s just like in your house where you got breaker boxes you
can just keep turning on and off until you find where the short is, you buy
these once hey they can last for a lifetime, I had this set for over ten years and it still works perfectly fine here we go
there’s cool little hack saws the problem with conventional hacksaws is they take up a lot of space but now with this little tiny one and you can see I’ve cut
the end of the blade you can customize it to whatever small size you want and
you can cut off in very small space there not buy one of those cheap plastic
ones I tried the plastic ones they snap they break off in the middle of the job
you’ll be cursing and swearing a piece of plastic junk by an aluminum one these
things don’t cost that much money this particular one is a stanley I got at
hardware store and synthesis mechanic Monday I’m giving away a set
of these gearwrench tools a chance to win place a clean non offensive
comment on the youtube comments below and a winner will be chosen randomly by
computer to get a nice set so they can get where no wrenches have reached
before, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Clean non offensive gearhead here!!!🙉🙊🙈🍁🍂🍩🍪🍰🧁🍾☕☕☕🃏🚜🛵✈🛫🚤🚀🛸🧯🧯🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🇨🇦🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I never see the newly posted comment for the winner as stated in rule 10, where is it?:
    "10. The winner will receive a reply to their originally posted comment in the video and will also be announced in a newly posted comment by Scotty around Sunday 9 am CST. "

  4. with his garage open all the time like that .. im suprised a local tweeker dude hasnt noticed all the tweeker pawn goodies and come back at night and break in. … or even a ghetto youtuber lol.

  5. I'm surprised you can find anything in that garage!!!

    Rumor has it that Jimmy Hoffa may be somewhere in that garage. 🤔👍😉

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  9. Hi Scotty I’m from Australia in Queensland, I have been keeping up with your videos, I like them allot. I do all my car repairs my self, and your videos is what keeps my car up to standard. I have two cars a Japan made ford/ Mazda, in Australia its a 1998 ford courier, customised to suit me, pimped out! You mite say. I have acquired a Mitsubishi lancer1999 coupe a pain to get In and out of, but a fun car to drive, gust after I brought this Mitsubishi home the engine is in need of repair anyway I pulled out the engine thought I fixed it then the engine blew up, so I couldn’t afford to scrap the car because I had sunk so much money into it all ready, the cheepest thing to do was get another engine from the wreckers, very good one ,near my hometown. I done that,serviced the engine, and goes like a dream. I couldn’t believe how quiet it ran on it’s first start up.
    I also agree with what you say. You are a smart guy. I also am passionate about fixing my own car problems.

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  19. One thing I'm learning is that it's better to buy good quality tools rather than lower cost ones thinking it's you're not using at often. They get used for long time and don't want it breaking at urgent time

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  22. Hey Scotty, I use an in-line ATO fuse holder with alligator clips on the wire ends with an ATO circuit breaker to find shorts. It automatically keeps resetting and you use an old inductive ammeter to find the short, the indicator points to the short. Remember those days? I like the smoke machine, I got one for my shop from NAPA and it was over $1000. Is that a Norton or a BSA in the garage behind you through most of the video?

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