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so this does not happen to anybody else what’s going on you guys welcome back to
the channel – my name is Luis Hernandez and this is Extreme Salvage and today we are gonna
be talking about how not to get scam on copart when buying a car like this, like I
have twice I’m gonna show you what to look for so that you don’t make the
mistakes that I did and the hints that you look because
there’s a lot of shady dealers out there that will just get a car fix it and
resell it and then you can stuck with it and it’ll be a money pit to fix it and
get it back on the road one with me before I let you see the video guys
please forgive my language that day I was really really upset so keep that in
mind when you see the video alright and I never freaking learned
I got scammed again in copart with this freaking 2017 I think it was Hyundai veloster , all you saw in the pictures was a little bit damage right
there you know new bumper or whatever let me show you something real quick this was a buy sight on seen or I don’t know what you call it, i didnt came to check it out
to check it out I don’t worry caller right here
so I didn’t I didn’t come to look at it right and why do I always say come on
looking before you buy okay so learn from my mistakes I come
over that’s not a drop of oil engine I open this thing it’s not a drop of water
and then I take a look on the bottom what am I seen a whole bunch of grease
and I see this right here so something heat it and then I come
around and I look over here and what do you see right there that I’m not I’m not
sure if you are able to see it or not but it’s a big hole
that we cover with some type of glue and now keep in mind I paid twenty four
hundred dollars for this car but the copper fees and another $600 so I’m out
three thousand dollars what am I gonna do now I’m not go tell
him that that’s a piece of shit and the fucking lied to me and excuse my
language but that is total bullcrap they said this car runs and drives and
it obviously does not so I’m gonna go see what they say because I’m not gonna
take this car in 15 I’m gonna lose only $400 and that is it all right yeah so
I’m gonna show you real quick what to look for when you buy a kind copper so
that you don’t make those mistakes you see this tire right here that’s how
tired from the back so I tested out the damage in the front was severe enough to
break the rain break the suspension so what these guys did is they to deter
from the back and switch it to the front okay
also the fender when you get into an accident
okay the insurance companies and I want to pull the friend of South make it look
better than what it is okay so that’s what they give away to
somebody else made the car try to make the car look better Terry give away you
see how foggy this happens how faded it is compared to this brand new headlight
this a 2017 vehicle so Allan’s really faded from an older model third one
let’s go right here this piece right here you see that right here it should
be a caliper and a disc brake just like on the other side let me show you let’s see the right there this he said
this break miss if you can see right away was the camera there you go this is
a disparate okay and right here we have a caliper those are the brakes of the
car this car has no more no this brake no caliper is completely empty you can
see the hole where the screws go right there there’s nothing there
third let’s go under the car and you see this orange tape right there that tells
me that this part was from my different car that came out of a junkyard it
doesn’t mean that this part fits this car as a matter of fact he says for
right there on the shaft or no – I thought you said for fun now tells me
that this is not for this car before I poured oil on this engine so that I can
test it out to see if he will start and with us but when I got the car if you
can see that it was you didn’t have any oil on it so that tells me those guys
knew what they were doing well you know what what comes around goes around
oh one more thing I gotta show you let’s go under the town this set right there you see this holes on the crossmember
that one right there and this one here right here you see that this is this one
here that tells me that the crossmember all the damage was severe enough they
ripped off the whole special on this side that’s a severe the damage was and
these guys welded in and try to put it back together to make a quick buck and
get somebody else top of this issue’s and that’s giving them a real bad name
to Copart I told them hey this is what happening can you tell these guys not to
do that again and they’re like oh yeah we’ll give my lady you know what we’ll
let them know that that’s not acceptable acceptable or whatever you know like I
said what’s around all right guys as you saw in the video yeah that’s kinda cool
part but I’m not gonna say it’s coppers fault only
it’s my fault for men shaking the car before about it and also that either is
not a selling on coal part a lot of them are shady dealers and it’s not
understanding from corporate side they got it there to make money
and they don’t check them all the time make sure that they have issues like
this one that about but I will recommend you before you buy
anything before you bid on anything go to the yard and look at it don’t you
stress what they said those on this minute says what a drive and he was
obviously not running a driving the car had no oil no water and I never said an
accident the shit represented in the pageant get somebody else tackled
for the firemen that’s not right now that I got the car and I want this money
also I had to keep it fix it and then that’s my fault that’s what I get I will
recommend you before you buy anything yard look at Rachel
if you see any damage underneath the car imagine shake the engine from the back
sometimes are a lot of times like for this car to happen this one will be
headed to an accident the shop was still spinning and it
brought the engine that’s why I think it was
and and yeah but don’t pay for the car
either if you buy it on the phone don’t pay for the car either and then you go
and to the yard inspected if you cannot buy a car sight unseen don’t pay for it
that’s what I did I bought it paper over the phone
on the phone app and then once I got there they told me like if you buy it
you own it that you can’t you can take it back is yours you have that God
if you want to take the risk and and buy them on the app don’t pay for it is you
won’t see it they won’t let you get the keys but at least it won’t see what’s
wrong with the car you can decide if you wanted on man I
got this instance if I wouldn’t buy it I would I only lost $400 I wouldn’t have
to pay the $400 and say I don’t want the current keep it but in this case since I
bought it and I’d pay for it then I gotta keep it it’s my car it’s my
problem so I recommend you learn from my mistakes don’t make the same mistakes
and okay my fault I gotta deal with it so stay tuned for the next episode we’re
gonna be rebuilding this car and that’s not mean extreme extreme rebuild with
Jason for what I’ve seen we’re gonna need a brand-new cross paper we’re gonna
need that most special of the right price on your side
this place didn’t have the tally first of all the breaks it’s having a lot of a
lot of money put into that car but it’s a 20-17 but very little miles so I’m not
too worried about that I mean it is what it is you live and you learn
don’t make no mistakes watch it before you buy that’s all I gotta say if you
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  1. It was a high milage car , so many engine wouldnt have lasted long , at least u can put new lower mileage engine in ..I bet copart knew about this , just didnt say

  2. im sorry copart did that to you …i think that they said it was a run and drive is a lie with no oil or water and no brakes at all on left side……that was so low of them to not take it back……..

  3. Run and drive means just that: It starts, and it moves under it's own power. If the engine is knocking, or rattling it should be listed as mechanical damage. If it's not knocking, they send it as R&D with no other disclaimers. It is always the buyers responsibility to inspect these cars before bidding. This is not Copart's responsibility. Copart does not jack up the cars and inspect all the pieces. Many dealers send cars through Copart. Some are shady, some are legit. Try to remember Copart is mainly a salvage auction.

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