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We are now heading to Green River, Utah.
my goal for this year is to hit the Semenuk drop after all the practice in Virgin, I think I should be good to go but I have to say it was consuming my
mind quite a lot. We arrived in Green River in the afternoon and have another
two more days after this so we have plenty of time to send it! Green River is
a very small town but it’s this amazing landscape that makes it so interesting.
There are two main spots we ride out here. There’s this crazy-looking mountain
and this spot which is called ‘blue castle’ for this evening we’re just going
to warm up on some of the familiar stuff we rode last year at blue castle oh yeah dude, that was pretty sick though we came on a weekend so there were some other people there to ride with. Two of the bros we met this weekend are Jonah and Ryan The drone shots you’re seeing come
courtesy of Fred we feel good with that line so we want
to do something else and for some reason we decided to look at this really
sketchy looking hip jump we’ve seen this jump last year and I had no interested
in trying it then nor today either however after eyeing it up a lot and
then slightly fixing up the lip it started to look more doable. Yeah I don’t
think in a long fickin time it’s just such a weird.. People are going up this, you just kind of like whatever that’s way too much speed yep
just don’t start as high basically It’s really difficult gauging the speed for
something like this, it looks like it would be a lot worse to overshoot then
to come up short on this but either way the ground is soft and not rocky at all
so if worse comes to worse it wouldn’t be that bad because it’s like also a
step down which makes it kind of finicky I definitely rather go to slow then too fast. after a handful of run ups and honestly not too sure how it’ll go I
decided to guinea-pig it. Ok dropping in! sometimes you just got to do something
that scares you I was also thinking that it should help to calm my nerves about
the Semenuk drop I was going too slow! Go for it! alright we’re getting it now so stoked that we did it to get
comfortable with a jump like this that you really weren’t expecting and not to
mention looks really sketchy feels really good it really did help to ease
my mind about what we’re planning on doing tomorrow to pursue now while we’re here we might
as well do that hike from hell so we can do our speedrun I am NOT gonna let
myself crash this time all right I didn’t die this time isn’t
that a good thing I definitely was not going as fast this time as when I
crashed last year but that’s okay it’s not worth killing myself
we never died that’s all the time we’re given ourselves at this place so for the
next two days we are going to be riding at that unique-looking mountain we
picked one of the best spots to set up our tent waking up to this was pretty
spectacular the landscapes in Utah are so different from what I’m used to it’s
quite amazing actually mini mountain bikers have been here and built their
own lines here but time and weather dissolves many of them back into the
mountainside we’ve got a full beautiful day ahead of
us and a blank canvas to ride and build on the potential is huge in a place like
this on the way to Green River we picked up three shovels one for each of us it
allowed us to fix up some lines and even make new ones we also bought a watering
jug but ended up not even needing to use it because it turns out it had rain
probably only a couple days before we came all the dirt was already damp when
we got there it was actually perfect there’s no need to use any of our own
water jugs we can start shaping stuff and building right away Wesley and Alex got to work putting
together a new line way up one of the ridges but I had my sights on the
seminar drop I think I’m gonna go work on that some night drop I want to start
making that ending into a good quarter pipe honestly when I look at this drop
again it actually doesn’t look as bad as I thought it was going to the ending
still looks like garbage though last year Wesley still hit it just like this but I was only gonna hit this if we fix
up the ending so I got to work and made a quarter pipe out of it unfortunately
this is all temporary since it looks like when enough rain comes it’ll all
just wash away I figured that does the trick
all right so you land there I’m straight into here and yeah basically just kind
of quarter pipe that you kind just like curved up on the right and maybe like
wind your way back down or or otherwise just kind of like roll out that way Wesley and Alex have basically finished
their line already so we’re gonna check it out
so I know how difficult using this jump is you just gotta like clear that little
edge oh you and marked like the edges of the lining that’s good
that looks pretty interesting though in a blind lip all right dudes
Oh baby that was crazy Oh baby yeah I didn’t mention this was only the
lower half they made this line go way up this is where things get a lot more
sketchy this steep part is the hardest part of the whole line now this is not
something I’m gonna guinea pig turning there also looks a bit sketchy in the
bunker all of us are just staring in fear trying to figure out how to do it
best but Jonah just goes for it so sick you know how was it you did that
so well how did so high up huh so ha yeah so you’re just kind of tucking left
yeah that doesn’t look guys sketchy also because the cliff isn’t like gnarly like
like the other new canned foods now we are at the top of their creation and
what a view this is just incredible I do feel a bit nervous but after seeing
the others ride it I feel pretty good but let’s see how it goes alright
dropping in Oh baby look at that oh no oh dude Oh
do it man you mean it might be best just like walk down in this little part of
here and then cut across again oh yeah I guess yeah drop it in oh dude Wow
well we did it we tackled such a cool line now there’s one more thing left to
do now it’s time to head to the seminar op after all that we had done on this
trip so far I honestly did not have as much of a reason to be scared anymore
alright just doing another run up holy I thought you’re going over that
was looking good though sweet dude all right guess I’ll hit it
then Wesley and a couple others were already familiar with it so they were
sending it right away haha
my quarter pipes seemed to be doing the trick too all right I’m about to send it
drop it in get this oh I was in that was big yeah felt like a winter hit bar that
was so thick thanks man oh that was crazy how to do
that couple more times you know this would also be Alex’s first
time doing it as well have that feel Alex
right on haha that’s perfect yeah baby oh man I was sick now we are just having a blast our
nerves are calm hittin huge features like this comfortably is so much fun this makes me so happy we have already
done so much sick riding I would be having packing up at going home now but
we still have all day tomorrow yet by now you certainly notice that this
place has a really unique look to it it kind of looks like we’re on the moon
where you don’t realize is it even feels like we’re on the moon because every
step you take you actually sink in a little bit it has a bit of a spongy feel
to it the dirt doesn’t pack as well as most dirt but it’s still good enough
that you can make jumps out of it even huge booters like what Jonah and Ryan
have been building here so you remember Alex in Wesley’s line we
rode yesterday here’s a couple more angles of Alex and Wesley hitting it to
show you how awesome this line is what a trip this has been the best riding of my
life we all progressed as riders our third and final day feels a bit more
chill considering we’ve already hit everything we wanted to so at this point
we’re mostly revisiting stuff and just enjoying the good times on such a big road trip as this and
you’re driving for so long you start listening to the same songs over and
over again if I had to pick a theme song I would say this was it that’s so nasty okay drop it in as the final day was coming to an end
the winds came and brought all the clouds with it which in turn brought the
rains there’s no reason to camp out tonight anymore so we got a head start
going home thank you so much for watching until the end of the video I
put a huge amount of work into this video and a lot of work on the Virgin
Utah video as well if you guys want to support me I recommend checking out my
patreon page and soon I will also have some stickers and shirts for sale as

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